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Retro SetIf you’ve been to Miami, then you’ve probably noticed the unique style of many of the buildings in the area. This particular style is called Art Deco and the city has the world’s largest concentration of structures inspired by this architectural design. Taking ‘The Magic City’ as inspiration, let’s look at how you can apply Art Deco designs in your own home.

According to Architectural Digest, you can create Art Deco designs in any part of the house by following the characteristics of the style. The most prominent traits of Art Deco are “rich colors, bold geometry and decadent detail work.”

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These traits are immediately noticeable in many of Miami’s iconic buildings. The Park Central Hotel, for instance, is accented by pastel blue colors which matches the skyline. The Bass Museum on the other hand, is covered with fossilized coral and etched with fine details. The Raleigh expanded Art Deco elements to its outdoor facilities such as its eye-catching swimming pool. These are some of the best Art Deco buildings, making them great inspirations for your own decor projects at home.image: Traveller Made
As for your own projects, our post on the DIY Retro Set is a perfect example of Art Deco detail. The film Great Gatsby shone a spotlight on the style and the flowing lines as well as intricate patterns shown in the movie were incorporated in our DIY project.

For a quick makeover of your walls, consider covering them with wallpaper that has a marquetry design. Using wallpaper is an easy and cost-effective method of achieving an Art Deco base design.

Art Deco
Image: Architectural Digest

For more concept sources, you may also look at several works on Wynwood Walls which is a famous strip in Miami lined up with sanctioned grafitti art. Sections with Incredibly detailed shapes and bold colors are a norm in this area.

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Afterwards, you can apply the same technique on some of your furniture. You can have your bed frame repainted with your preferred Art Deco design. Just remember the aforementioned characteristics when selecting a pattern.

Outside the bedroom, suggested that you can also repurpose an old table and inject Art Deco elements. A vintage table with smooth curves and fine detailing is an excellent candidate. Wrap up the project with high-gloss paint or a faux wood finish to embody the lavish appearance of Art Deco.

Extend your new theme to upholstery and fabrics by picking streamlined patterns. Like aforementioned, The Great Gatsby is a great inspiration, so check out its title image to have an idea of how the style is projected. Intersecting lines that have a shiny color combined with a dark background will make a good fabric pattern.

To top it all off, look for old items in your house such as bold jewelry, vividly colored boxes, antique memorabilia from the 1920s to 1940s and other similar stuff. Have them arranged neatly on a center table, above the fireplace or any other display location. These will accent the overall look of your Art Deco themed home.

Why choose Art Deco?

There’s no better time than now to try out Art Deco designs in your home. The style is seeing a resurgence and even the 89th Academy Awards which was held last month used similar design for its stage. Los Angeles Times featured Derek McLane, the production designer of the Oscars, who admitted that the sets were inspired by Art Deco.

Moreover, Art Deco has a timeless quality to it which means that many people don’t get tired of seeing the design. In fact, a blog post by Discover Homes specified that it’s one of the things which keep tourists coming back to the Magic City, considering that Miami has the most number of Art Deco structures in the world.

Incorporating Art Deco designs in your home is not as hard as it sounds once you’ve learned the fundamentals behind the style. Just keep in mind the basic characteristics and you’ll be well on your way to creating your own Art Deco-inspired home decor.

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