Quick Crafts #1 – Customised Birthday Jenga!

Quick Craft: Birthday Jenga!We’ve got a Birthday coming up in the family and that means games. This includes some new ones we made up and some classics like monopoly, snakes and ladders & skittles. And, the latest in our set of customised games is the Birthday Jenga! Ta Da!

Budget: Low

Time taken: 1 hour


Quick Craft: Birthday Jenga!

In order to make this Jenga, all you need to do is divide the blocks into 3 lots of 18 each. Then, paint each lot a different distinctive color. It’s as simple as that. Next, write out the details on the tiles based and stack them up. And you’re ready to play!

Quick Craft: Birthday Jenga!

Things to remember:

  • Don’t place wet blocks on newspaper (it will definitely get stuck to the blocks and will definitely be difficult to take off).
  • Avoid using water, while painting.

Quick Craft: Birthday Jenga!

The way Birthday Jenga works is quite simple. The Jenga set is customised to the Birthday boy/ girl and all the tiles revolve around her/ him. The orange tiles are dares, the pink ones truths and the gold are the Birthday persons’ wishes. For example, a orange tile could have “Eat a slice of birthday cake, while singing Happy Birthday backwards in 1 minute” written on it. On the other hand, a pink tile could have “Tell everyone your favorite memory of the birthday boy/girl”. The fun comes with the golden tiles, which are written solely by the Birthday boy/ girl. The players would need to fulfil the tile, be it a truth or a dare.

Quick Craft: Birthday Jenga!

That doesn’t mean the Birthday boy or girl is off the hook! What goes around, comes back around. And, in turn the dares and truths stay the same. In case, the person can’t possibly act on the truth or dare, then you can spin the tile and whoever it faces can specify a Truth or Dare. In contrast, with the golden tiles, he/she can select one person from the players and do what the tile says.

Quick Craft: Birthday Jenga!

The game continues till the blocks topple over. At which, the person who played last can be given a collective punishment by all the other players.

Quick Craft: Birthday Jenga!

In case you’re wondering what Quick Craft #1 means in the title, this is the first idea in (what I hope) is a series of articles related to very simple crafts. Literally, the basic of the basics. With very few materials, minimal steps and lot of room for variation.

Pretty easy, right? It’s a lot of fun to play and a great way to make the birthday person feel special. Let me know, what you think of this idea in the comments below or through any of the links.

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