DIY Diwali Lantern Making w/ Quilling

DIY Diwali Diya and Lantern with quillingWe’re thrilled to tell you about our latest partnership with Hobby Ideas to bring you new and innovative tutorials. Hobby Ideas has long been our one stop shop for all things craft related. So, we’re really pumped about this collab. First up, is a technique we’ve never really shared before on The Craftables – quilling! And it couldn’t be better timing with Diwali coming up.  Today, they’re going to walk you through making a DIY Diwali Lantern and a Diya for some Diwali home decor. Now I’m going to hand this article over to Hobby Ideas. Take it away!

DIY Lotus Quilling Diya

With Diwali just around the corner, it makes sense to bring in the festivities with pomp and style. Sweets, gifts, and new clothes are a mainstay during the festive season. However, what takes center stage is the element of décor. With the market flooded with so many options, from lights, kandils or lanterns, to exquisite diyas, you can be spoilt for choice. Besides, shopping for Diwali could be a costly affair and purchasing new decorations could be heavy on your pocket.

The best solution to this dilemma is making your own diwali decorations. Yes, doing so will not only give you the chance to spruce up your home and customize the look but also save up on your costs. You can experiment fearlessly with different kandil designs and bring your family on board this project too!

DIY Diwali Lantern

Make Diwali-inspired décor at home

If the process of making one sounds tedious, you will be pleased to know that it is not as difficult as it sounds. One of the easiest ways to create aesthetically appealing decorations is a paper craft technique called quilling. This method enables you to try different designs to create a variety of Diwali-themed items. These may range from diyas to lanterns, all without affecting your budget. This Diwali, you could also create items like a unique diya holder, a floral-inspired rangoli, quirky wall hangings, and elegant candle holders using the quilling technique. Additionally, don’t forget to make beautiful hand-made Diwali greeting cards, embellished with exquisite quilling designs. Your friends and family will always cherish your sweet gesture.

If you are wondering how to begin, this video will teach you the basics and be your guide to creating some unique designs that will steal the show when your guests come over.

Basics of paper quilling

Paper Quilling requires you to shape or curl thin strips of colored paper to achieve intricate designs. As the video explains, you can alternate between loose and tight coils to make different shapes like flowers, leaves, raindrops and much more. Using a quilling tool, roll each strip and seal it with glue. Thereafter, pinch the coil to attain the desired shape.

Items required for making Diwali decorations

Before you begin the tutorial, get your hands on the necessary items for the project. These include paper quilling strips, glue, a large bowl, ornamental stones, silver thread, a pair of scissors, and a quilling tool. The quilling tool comes in varying shapes and sizes. You can buy these craft items online here. The second tutorial video on making a diya flower will require quilling strips, glue, ornamental stones, an old CD, and a glass. Let’s have a look at this video now!

While these tutorial videos have used two dominant colors, you can experiment with colors of your choice. Move over boring lanterns and plain old diyas. Bring out your creativity with this paper craft technique and watch how aesthetically appealing Diwali décor can actually get.

Quilling Diya for Diwali

That was pretty incredible, wasn’t it? I specially enjoyed how it explains the very basics of quilling, which makes it a good starting point. But that’s my opinion. Let us know what you think of these DIY Lantern and Diya Making Ideas in the comments below! Have a great day ahead!

PS: All images, videos and text have been provided byHobby Ideas. However, you should know that we would never share content we dont like or brands we don’t use. All the opinions are ours and we would love it, if you support the brands who encourage and support us! Thank you :)



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