DIY Giant X’s and O’s!

How to make a giant x's and o's boardIt’s been a minute and a half since we last made a games tutorial and I am so excited about this one. It was the first time, we had such a large banner printed and I’m really pumped by how amazing it turned out! But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be made on any other material and more importantly, made completely by hand. So, for this tutorial I’m going to be sharing two sets of steps – one for a printed banner tic tac toe board and another for a completely DIY Giant X’s and O’s. Let’s get started!

Giant X's and O's

Budget: Medium (depending on the printing costs)

Time: 2-3 hours

Materials (for the printed version):

  • Thick cardboard paper in two colors
  • Templates for the X’s and O’s
  • Template for the board
  • Flex plastic banner (47 x 47 inches)
  • A really good cutter
  • Full size metal scale

Materials (for the handmade version):

  • Thick cardboard paper in two colors
  • Templates for the X’s and O’s
  • Template for the board
  • Cotton Sheet (47 x 47 inches)
  • Fabric Paints in 2-3 colours
  • Measure Tape
  • A really good cutter
  • Full size metal scale

Giant Tic Tac ToeWe made this board by contacting our local printer. He used the template given above to make a the board on plastic flex. This board is 47 x 47 inches. But, you can adjust the design, to make a smaller or bigger one. This is a good investment. Specially if you plan to use the board a lot and want to keep it clean.

For the cloth board:

  1. Iron the cotton sheet and place it on a clean surface.
  2. Make markings at 15” and 30” from the top and draw straight lines downwards. Similarly, draw two lines from the sides, at 15” and 30”. These are the rough markings for the board.
  3. Draw a simple two line border around the mat. This is optional, but adds a lot of finish to your board.
  4. Rub off 2” of the lines between the border and the central lines.
  5. Using one color, paint the vertical lines first. Once they have dried out a bit, paint the horizontal ones next.
  6. Paint in the border to complete.

Giant Sized X's and O's board game

Once the board has been completed, we can move onto  the cardboard cutouts. Here, if you find cardboard difficult to work with, you can use thick card paper as well.

  1. Use the templates given above to draw 12 x12 inches big letters. 5 X’s and  O’s on your cardboard sheets.
  2. Then carefully cut out the shapes from the cardboard. For the X’s, place your metal scale on the lines and cut against it. For the O’s, leave a wide margin, so it becomes easier to work with (Be warned, these will take a lot of time).
  3. After they have been cut out, you can decorate using any materials. We pasted a layer of glittery contact paper on top, for some extra impact.

Note: You can also see if your printer can print the letters out on thick paper or cardboard. This saves some time, as well.

Printable DIY giant x's and o's

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you’ve printed the board, avoid folding it, as it will create crease lines in the plastic. Roll it up to store instead.
  • If you’re making the board by hand, be careful of the lines placement. If they aren’t straight and even, the board can look odd.

And that’s how you can make a giant sized X’s and O’z Board. If I’ve missed out on anything or you would like any more information, please let me know in the comments below and I’d be happy to help out. On the other hand, if you would feel more comfortable ordering a ready made set, please use this button, to get in touch with us :)


How to make a x's and o's board

Hope you enjoyed our DIY Giant X’s and O’s board! What other kinds of games would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below or through any of the media links given. Have a great day!

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