DIY Quilling Clock!

DIY quilling clockThey’re at it again, with their creativity! This month Hobby Ideas shared a great tutorial on how to make these upcycled quilling clocks. Take it away guys!

Hi There! How have you been? It’s been long that I have blogged about my meandering arty thoughts. It was a busy vacation for Mummy and kiddo. We travelled, watched some silly movies together, baked cookies and then did some art and craft too.

Art and craft ideas are in abundance and then there are some more. This DIY wave has come like a blessing for us crafters, almost every week there are new ideas, innovative tools or products in the market. However creating something out of nothing takes the cake for me. There is something innately satisfying for an artist to make a piece of art from nothing which in popular connation is known as best out of waste.

paper quilling clock

Kids are pesky persons and need constant mental stimulation, especially mine. I decided, for a week, we will only explore making stuff from that bundle of newspapers kept at home. We make newspaper coasters, paper jewellery, quilling cards, newspaper gift bags and a clock too. Just a wee. Here is the clock that we had made. It has a really simple design and at the same time is a fab ‘best out of waste for kids’ idea.

The few things that we need for this project are newspapers (loads of), Fevicol, corrugated sheet, pencil, paper cutter, acrylic colour black, paint brushes, clock attachment and a quilling needle or barbecue stick.

diy quilling clock tutorial

1.We start with rolling newspaper strips. Ensure that they are not too thin or too bulky.

2. Now with a help of a barbecue stick or a quilling needle roll them. Secure the ends with Fevicol. Make around 70 – 80 big and small coils.

steps to make quilling clock tutorial

3. Next take the corrugate sheet, this can be a flap taken from the normal packing boxes too. Draw a big heart on it and paint it with black acrylic colour, when dry cut the heart using a paper cutter.

handmade clock

4. Put all the rolls onto the heart and see the fitment. Once the arrangement is proper stick them to the base with Fevicol.

5. Isn’t it looking pretty already? Now we will fasten the clock attachment and voila it’s done.

diy quilling clock

A pretty boho clock done in a jiffy! You can make so many things from newspaper. Newspaper craft is indeed an exciting way to keep the young ones busy too. Easily available and craftable newspapers as a crafting essential, is surely going to catch the imagination of serious crafters soon. It has been used for Papier Mache and collages since long but somehow there is still so much more we can do with the newspaper.

DIY quilling clock

So get going, make something exciting and do share it with us!

Ciao till the next <3


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