7 Easy Crafts to Try This Week!

7 easy crafts you have to try this week! Let's get crafty :)Happy Friday Crafters! How’s your week been? Mine has been a little bit of everything. A little bit of excitement; Our Facebook Page crossed 4000 likes and Diwali! A little bit of stress; there are literally 10,000 things that we need to do. And, a little bit of tiredness; we’ve been on our feet for days and for some reason, I prefer to read for hours, instead of catching up on my sleep. Anyway, the important bit is, it’s Diwali week and that’s more than enough reason to be happy! Another reason, could be the 7 easy crafts, I’ve got to share with you this week.

Before, you go through my favourites for the week, you have to go check out Shweta Malhotra’s new website! She just launched this space to share her artwork and her first post is about Audrey Hepburn (I could rant for hours on what Roman Holiday, means to me :P). Shweta’s work is absolutely incredible & I’m sure, you’ll love it, too. So click here to check out her website and here for her instagram account.

How to DIY Chai Glass Candles for Diwali. Decorate with gold and bright colours!

Since, it was Diwali, it’s only fair that I start with one of my favourite easy crafts for the season. We made a couple of Diwali related posts. However, these chai glass candles were my favourites, for many reasons. For example, they are almost completely recycled, can be used around the year and last for hours. You can make them easily, using these steps.

7 easy crafts you have to try this week! Let's get crafty :)

Speaking of holidays, Christmas isn’t all that far away either, is it? We’re definitely feeling the Christmas spirit and these Popsicle Stick Snowflakes by Making Home Base, are responsible for it! They are beyond cute and I think, they are a great craft to make with kids. You get a lot of room to experiment, dressing them up or simplifying them. Here, is how you can make them.

7 easy crafts you have to try this week! Let's get crafty :)

Have you gone curtain shopping and come back disappointed, because they are either unnecessarily expensive or you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? It’s best to buy plain curtains and paint them yourself, then. And, that’s exactly what Bliss At Home shared with this tutorial. The curtains are simple to make and look phenomenal. The steps for them, are available here.

7 easy crafts you have to try this week! Let's get crafty :)

Fellow Fellow shared their recipe for All Natural Lip Balm, and I love it. First, because it shares detailed materials which are safe to use (this is something, a lot of tutorials skip) and secondly, they’ve covered everything from materials, to packaging, to free printables. Which is something, I really appreciate :) Click here, for the DIY tutorial.

7 easy crafts you have to try this week! Let's get crafty :)

I found these Reusable Fabric Book Covers by This Little Street very interesting. Because, you often see book covers. But, you rarely come across ones, that can be reused. I would definitely use such covers to cover up shabby books. Or color coordinate all my diaries! You can see the steps, by clicking on this link.

7 easy crafts you have to try this week! Let's get crafty :)

These place card holders by Delineate Your Dwelling are gorgeous. It’s such a clean design and the fern with the clay gives a nice touch. I think, they’re perfect for a Thanksgiving meal. Or any table setting, to be honest. They’re on my list of things to make, for sure. You can also make them, using the steps mentioned here.

7 easy crafts you have to try this week! Let's get crafty :)

Lolly Jane’s Succulent Potted Key Holders are stunning example of how you can combine cuteness and organisation. It’s an innovative way of incorporating plants and it is easy to maintain, as the plant can be removed and cared for. You can also make it longer, to add more hooks for more keys. If you would like to make these key holders too, you can click here for the tutorial.

Which easy craft, can’t you wait to try? Let us know in the comments or send us a message on any of our social media!

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