No Frill DIY Flower Arrangement Ideas – Part 1

easy diy flower arrangement ideasEver had one of those days where everything was, not quite right? When I have patches like those, I generally tend to get some flowers. I don’t know how that helps. But, flowers just have this inherent quality that uplifts you. And taking a few minutes to arrange flowers can be oddly therapeutic at times. So, this week I wanted to share two quick and easy DIY flower arrangement ideas for home. They require a bare minimum of flowers (no expensive ones here!) and no fancy materials at all. Which works very well, if I do say so myself!

How to make simple floral arrangements

For this first DIY flower arrangement, you’ll need:

  • Three sizes of wine glasses (or you can mix it up with goblets or other clear glasses)
  • Water
  • Stems with small leaves
  • Carnations
  • Baby’s Breath

Steps for flower arrangmentsStart by filling your glasses about 60%. You don’t want to fill in too much, as the water will rise as you add the flowers. Next take a short stem of the leaves and curve it around the middle of the glass. Use your fingers to gently press the leaves against the glass, so it flattens out. Then, add a few sprigs of baby’s breath in the remaining portion of water, with one or two popping out of the water. For the final touch to the flower arrangement, add a carnation just over the surface of the water and you’re all done!

Simple flower arrangements for home

For the second flower arrangement idea, you’ll need:

  • A beer mug
  • 1 stem of orchids
  • Stems with small leaves
  • Baby’s Breath

Begin by filling up your mug halfway. Next add the longest stem of leaves at an angle opposite the handle of the mug and place half a stem of orchids against it. Then, alternate layers of leaves and orchids till you reach the handle, while making sure they rest against the first step. To finish, add sprigs of baby’s breath. That’s literally it!

To make it a little more elaborate, you can add baby’s breath in the water before placing the stems. This adds a small extra touch.

10 minute floral arrangements

Such DIY flower arrangements are super easy to do, because you can literally take any glass from your kitchen and do it up. No fancy vases, flowers or decorations necessary. What do you think?

Tell us about what simple flower arrangement ideas for home you like to make in the comments below! We would love to see them. Have a great week ahead :)

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