How to get glass painting effect on canvas!

Glass Painting CanvasWhat has Hobby Ideas got in store for us this week? It’s a stunning craft for your kids to try. Using glass paints to create a painting effect. But, it’s on canvas! I for one, can’t wait to try this on my own. Some little coasters, maybe a decor piece. Sounds perfect! Now, I’m going to hand it over to Hobby Ideas to tell us, how to get glass painting effect on canvas!

Hola and whassup? Busy days aren’t they! Moreover the big March is here! March, the month of exams, advent of summers, financial year ending for most of the businesses, appraisals and more.

For us mommies there is absolutely no respite, first the studies, and then ample of time with bored kids around. There is going to be a mini war, at my place on who is going to watch the TV most and then this will go on so many days. Subsequently, I will be listening to my li’l one asking a question the way ‘Nobita’ does and then he would respond as ‘Doremon’ too. Though this seems to be cute, it can be unnerving too.

So, us mommies decided that let us take matter in our hands and rather than sending the kids to a summer workshop we will be taking turns to teach them a new project every day. I have already started collating a list of holiday craft projects that I am going to make them do. All of them are related to art and craft in some way and integrate sensory responses of the kids.

Summer crafts for kids

I was looking out for something simple and yet arty, so that the parents will be motivated enough to put this up as a wall décor. This is such a simple DIY that I am sure you will also end up trying this.

What we need is a canvas board, glass colours, scale, pencil, toothpicks and 3D outliners for this project.

Canvas Painting DIY tutorial

The first step is to make a geometric design of a peacock on the canvas with pencil and a scale.

Glass Painting Style for Canvas

Then we will do all the outlines with 3D outliner. I have used black here. This step has to be done carefully and neatly as the look of the final product will depend on this. Leave it to dry for ½ hour.

DIY Crafts for kids

Then start filling the colours. When we work with glass colours, shake the bottle before use and hold the bottle vertically before applying. I took the conventional route of using the same colour scheme as the nature but then you can use any for your glass painting. Here I have used orange, golden yellow, ultramarine blue, sea blue, green and white.

Keep a tooth pick handy to burst all the bubbles which may appear while filling the colour. First do the peacock and then the background. In the background I have given a marble effect by mixing two colours using a tooth pick.

Peacock Art

Isn’t it just lovely and just so simple to make. Kiddos will really enjoy doing this and mummies will be at ease for the duration. Honestly, after discovering the joys of glass painting I have also planned to do a canvas cluster for my sunny sitting area. I just love how the light bounces off these colours. So get started and do post the images of your completed projects. Ciao till the next one.

Crafts for kids

How do you like this glass painting effect on canvas? And what would you make. Let us know in the comments below :)

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