DIY Housie Game Variation Idea!

housie game ideasHousie, has to be one of the most played games, of all time. Based purely on luck, it is a surefire hit with people of all ages. The pace, the interesting game variations, the competition to get the prizes – it’s a ton of fun! Needless to say, we play it all the time. And we often adapt the game & complicate it. For example, we play a game of Tambola where we have to add 1 to the number called and cross that on our tickets. Or, we play with two or three tickets. Today, we want to talk about a Housie game variation idea for party, that outdoes all other housie variations. Where you really need pay attention, if you’re going to win. This version is set in an ancient India story & it’s upto you, to carefully listen & cross out your numbers as they are called out! Interested?

Before I get into the details of our housie variation idea, I would like to clarify what housie is for readers who haven’t played it. They’re basically, Indian adaptations of Bingo. You have 1 or more tickets with 15 numbers on each ticket. But, no alphabets. The game moderator calls out the numbers, and like Bingo, you have to cross them out to win prizes. Pretty simple.

Budget: Low


housie variations

How to play Housie:

The game play is very similar to a normal Tambola/ Housie. The game starts with tickets being handed to the players & the prizes being explained (lines, houses, columns, four corners etc). Next, a moderator who has a loud and clear voice is chosen to read out the story for the players. Let’s call this person Clarity!

Clarity, starts reading out the story from the PDF attached & crosses the numbers as she comes across them. All the numbers from 1 to 90 have been used in the story, so Clarity needs to cross them out on the numbers board, as they’re called out.

The game progresses as usual, with people calling out when they have completed a line or house or any of the prizes decided. This is where, the numbers board is useful to check if the number has been called out or not.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:


As you can see, the numbers 16, 47, 20  and so on would be called out, in the course of the story. So alert players, who have that number need to cross it out on their tickets.

What’s fun is, people often get so engrossed in the story, that they forget to listen for the numbers. And the confusion is obviously great! (That doesn’t make me sadistic! All’s fair in love, war & games!)

The story is about a young man who sets off from home to seek his fortune, from a seer. During his journey, he meets interesting people who need his help. At the end of his journey, he chooses to fulfil their needs instead of his own. Once these requests have been met with, he starts his journey back home. On the way, he meets & resolves all the concerns. And in this process, achieves all his dreams. It’s quite a simple story, but sweet. I remember my grandmother telling me the tale, as a bed night story!

housie game variation


  • Don’t keep a lot of complicated prizes. Because the game variation in itself it tough enough to follow.
  • It’s way more fun, if you choose a person who reads with a modulated voice & slow enough for people to pick up the numbers easily.

Maybe I’ve still got stories on my mind. But, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a blast playing this variation of the Housie game for your next party. So, play it the next time you have people over! And let us know, how it went :)

If you would like to have a cutomised Housie made, pleaser let us know through the link below. For more information, please refer to this link.


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28 thoughts on “DIY Housie Game Variation Idea!

    1. Hi Bhavna, Thanks for getting touch with us about a story tambola! Making a beauty pageant themed one, is a great idea and we would love to help you out. Can you email us the details on please? Like when you need it by, any more details on the theme etc. The more information we have, the better! I look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Hey! This is a great way to play housie. I have to be an anchor for my cousin’s 50th anniversary party and we would love to play housie using a fairy tale. Can you please mail the story to me ASAP. Thank you.

    1. Hi Deepak, How are you? :) I’m so sorry about the delay in sending the story. Looks like the comment was missed in the Christmas chaos over the past month. If you’re still interested in archiving the story for another time, do let me know, I’ll send it asap. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  2. Hi..I have a kitty party on 19th January…this week, with Republic day
    theme. Could you please provide me with a story tambola for the same asap
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sneha, we just saw your messages. The game we have isn’t specifically for Republic Day. But a general story. I have sent an email with it right now. If you would like a customised one made, please email us your details on and we’ll do our best to make it happen :) Have a great day ahead!

  3. Hey this game is superrrbbb.
    We are going to have a picnic this weekend so i need a good story (if it is related to christians its great as it is Church’s picnic else u sent any other story which both kids and elders like together )
    Please sent me ASAP within 2 days

    1. Hi Anu, unfortunately we don’t have this story written out in Hindi at the moment. However, we can make a Hindi story on these lines. If that’s alright, please let us know and we will be in touch over email:)

    1. Hi Princy, sorry about the delay in replying to this message. We would love to make one for your parents :) I also looked into why the mail bounced back and it looks like the ID mentioned is invalid. Could you please doublecheck the email ID entered and try again? Looking forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hi Parul, that sounds really interesting! Mind if we take the conversation over email (, as we would need to write a fresh story for the same. Looking forward to hearing from you :)

      1. Hello pooja, the mail id of yours
        ( shows invalid. Can you please provide valid one.

  4. Can you please provide me a tambola story..It is to be played by couples on a silver anniversary party…

  5. Hi, ur story theme is awesome! Is it possible for u to make a story based on april fool.. I hv a kitty in april. Thanks in advance

  6. hello, Can I get the story in Hindi for a family birthday party. It can be based on any theme but a funny story is preferrable.
    I would be happy if i get one asap.