How to do Bubble Painting for Kids!

bubble painting ideasIt’s summer and you know what that means, many many crafternoons! So, we’re always on the look out for DIYs to try and that’s where Hobby Ideas never disappoints. This month, they’re sharing How to do Bubble Painting for Kids. And we are so excited! Any excuse to make printed or textured bubble paper. You’re up guys!

bubble painting for kids

Hola! Just a week left to Monsoons and the weather is already so dreamy. Cool breeze and overcast sky makes me go crafty! There is so much that one can do with paper; cut it, mould it, paint on it, write on it, sculpt it, tear it and more. Art scene today would have been so different if paper would have not been there.

Greeting card making has always been mighty fun and I love watching the expressions of the people when they read the card. Card making ideas are galore and we can really customise the cards as per the individual. I was experimenting with some painting techniques lately and found a fun technique called bubble painting. Bubble prints are captured onto a paper or canvas and on drying we have a beautiful texture as the base. So, I am sharing a delish cupcake card made with bubble painting technique with you today!

Oh! I had loads of fun making this one but a word of caution; this one is not for the weak, literally! I had to blow thousands of bubbles really quick and that is what bubble painting is all about.

We need card paper, acrylic colours, soap solution, a saucer, straws, card paper, scissors, fevicol and some stones ( if required).

Steps for making bubble paper

  1. We start with mixing acrylic colour with soap solution in a saucer. Ensure that there is enough amount of soap so that the bubbles are formed.
  2. Blow air into the colour and soap mix with a straw.
  3. When there are enough bubbles on the surface place a card paper on top and remove it quickly.

bubble painting cupcake card

This is how the paper will look like after you are done with bubble painting.

Isn’t it pretty? Now let you imagination run wild and create anything from this base or use it as it is. I have a birthday coming up in my family; it is my niece’s 6th birthday and I decided to surprise her with a lovely gift and a handmade beautiful card.

How to make a bubble print

I drew a freehand cupcake on the base. Then I painted the outlines with some acrylic colours.

Cupcake Card DIY Tutorial

Then with a scissors I purged the extra paper from the sides and stuck some stones with Fabric glue.  Write a cute message in the card and we are done. Hope the li’l one will relish this one card as she relishes the real cupcakes.

Hope you liked this post on How to do Bubble Painting for Kids. Let us know in the comments below if you would like to see more of such cards!

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