How To Make Animal Bookmarks!

animal bookmarks Happy Wednesday! It’s that time of the month for us, where we work with Hobby Ideas, to share some creative DIYs with you. And they never disappoint. This month, they’re sharing these adorable little animal bookmarks to make for kids and you know, we can never get enough of crafts for kids. Take it away!

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are”

I am dreamer and I am a reading monster. Oh the joys of reading! One day you can be a Sherlock solving mysteries and the other day you can be a Raju Guide. You can talk a walk down the winding streets of Vienna or you can go for a safari in the jungles of Masa Marai! Reading makes everything possible!

So, I have been reading since the time my memory serves me. The earliest reads were Panchtantra, Archies, Richie Rich, Champak and then who can forget Chacha Chowdhary. The repertoire since then has gone bigger and better. In fact reading runs in family so much so that no one runs in the family. Such a wisecrack I am; but truly the joys of reading have been handed over to me by my father and by me to my son.

cute bookmarks

We didn’t have ladybird series the levels and all the paraphernalia, but then the new generation has some advantages over us. The school also promotes reading, so at seven my son is also an avid reader. His tastes differ and he has these tomes of dinosaur encyclopaedia and ‘How things work’ series. More often than not, if there is a small break during the reading session he forgets the page he was on and then starts the struggle to find ‘the page’.

After the ‘nth’ struggle, I decided enough is enough and took things in my hand, literally, a few scraps of card paper, fevicol, googly eyes and acrylic colours to make some book marks for him. So after a collaborative effort for an hour we had these cute book marks for the little one. This how to make animal bookmarks craft for kids project is my favourite, and for obvious reasons.

Going through the same predicament? These animal bookmarks are the answer, mighty easy to make and they look so adorable too!

how to make simple bookmarks

The first step making these animal bookmarks is to get multicolour card papers or any thick paper will also do. Fold them into half diagonally and then fold again so we that we get a triangle pocket like this.

DIY bookmark

Glue the edges of the pocket. We now start making the cute animals. I took some inspiration from clipart found on google. As the sonny boy is fond of animals, we chose them but then you can go for anything cute, butterflies, fairies, cars, anything. After drawing I painted them using acrylic colours. Here also you can use any colours you prefer. Choose colours which do not bleed as in case of any mishap with water the pages might get spoiled. To finish the look I pasted some googly eyes, which you may get at any stationery shop. And they look so endearing.

cute bookmarks for kids

Next step is to glue these animals on the triangular pockets that we made. Ensure that you glue them in a way that they are visible over the corner of the book.

how to make animal bookmarks

Easy to make these animal bookmarks are a cool gifting idea too. Moreover you can personalise them. No kid can miss the allure of these animal bookmarks and will be automatically drawn towards books and reading. So get this craft for kids project started and do share your creations with me.

handmade bookmarks of animals

Engage your little ones in easy DIY Crafts this summer season.  Au revior till the next one!

How cute was it to make animal bookmarks? Let us know how you liked them in the comments below or through any of the media buttons. We would love to hear what you think :)

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