DIY Owl Quilling Earrings!

DIY quilling tutorial hobby ideasYou guys loved the Diwali Quilling Tutorial that Hobby Ideas shared last month. So, we’re bringing it back this month with these adorable owl ear rings! And since, we’re sharing all things Harry Potter at the moment, it just fits in perfectly. Take it away!

Howdy? Hope you had a great time during festivals. I am still reeling under the aftermath of so many goodies and festival finery. Met almost all my close friends and had a gala time. I hope you’ll had a ball too.

So the other day when my friend came over to wish me good she was wearing a gorgeous hunter green and gold dress with matching earrings. This friend of mine never used to look beyond gold while accessorising Indian wear and these were simply not gold. Super chic and delicate, they were quilled earrings!

Have you heard about quilling before? Quilling, the fad has spread like wildfire and is here to stay for some time. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Quilling is a form of paper craft. It is made from strips of paper to create beautiful designs. Quilling starts with three basic ingredients – paper strips, needle tool/ slotted tool and glue. The paper strips are of various sizes to be used in different quilling designs. And if you are a bit wary of the process start with newspapers or any other paper cut in uniform strips.

The quilling tools are the real doers here. The paper strips are turned and twisted and rolled using these tools, the slotted tool for the beginners and the needle tool for the experienced crafters. Curious enough? Have a look at what all you can make using Paper Quilling tools.

Glue is used to stick the strips together. A tweezer, a scissor and some tooth picks may also come in handy. The most basic shape of paper quilling is the rolled paper coil. By pinching and adjusting the tension of the paper coil, different quilling designs are made from this.

So let’s make a pair of cute and quirky owl earrings. Hope Goddess Lakshmi follows me whenever I am wearing them.

Materials for quilling

We need pink quilling strips, tweezers, quilling tools, glue, plier, jump rings, fish hooks and scissors.

Quilling ear rings

Start with making a tight disc with the tool. Take a 5mm strip for making the roll. Glue the ends once done.

 Use 5 strips each for the body of the owl. Make two disks similarly.

For the eyes glue half a strip of dark pink and light pink strip together and roll them. Make four eyes. For the ears, beaks, wings and legs make loose coils with dark pink and light pink strips and pinch the ends to get the paisley/ leaf shape. Make 4 each for legs, wings and ears and two for the beak.

Now take the big disk and place the eyes and glue them together. Glue the beak at the joint of the eyes and ears above the eyes. Stick the wings below the eyes at the periphery of the main disk. Make two small disks and glue them to the top of the disk.

Finally, with the help of the plier .Fix the jump rings one into each of these two disks. And fix the fish hook’s loop in to the jump ring.  Let the earrings dry a bit and if you wish varnish them at the end.

DIY Owl Ear rings by Hobby Ideas

Now you have a beautiful and creative pair of earrings you can show everyone! You can find more beautiful pieces of art made using Paper Quilling here!


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