Newspaper Owl Ornaments for Christmas!

Owl OrnamentsIt’s been a while since we shared an article and what better to make a comeback with, than with a papercraft, right on time for Christmas! Hobby Ideas have got a perfect DIY for you to make with your kids, this holiday season. Take it away!

Christmas holidays are approaching and I was thinking about newer ideas to keep my little one busy. He goes through a book of colouring in one day, so was thinking of something which will be fun and will keep him occupied for some time.

During this thinking process as usual I dawdled and made coffee and started reading the newspaper. There it struck me why not make the kiddo do a project on newspaper craft. As it is he is artistically inclined and won’t mind a bit more of art and crafts. Thus I started gathering my thoughts and newspapers too. On the other hand, Owls always intrigue me and it’s no help that they look so cute. Whilst we can make a lot of diy crafts using newspaper I decided to stick to owls. I made two owl danglers and my son is super excited to make some more, we are planning to make a branch installation with loads of owl danglers for his room. Do you want to know how to go about making them? So let’s do a cute newspaper craft recipe today.

How to make owl ornaments

What will you need is a lot of newspaper and fabric glue, lace and 3D outliners. Use colours too if you want. You’ll find all the required art and craft tools here.

We start with making a lot of paper tubes. For paper tubes a sheet of a newspaper has to be rolled like a straw. Apply glue at the ends to secure them.
Newspaper crafts for kids

For owl we need a small disk for face and big one for the body. Coil the tubes to make disks.


Similarly we would need disks for eyes, feet and tear drops for ears and wings, like the picture to make handmade chirstmas ornaments

Most of the work at this stage is done. We need to start assembling now and sticking them together.Papercraft owl ornaments

Voila. Isn’t it cute? Now we are a bling loving mumma and baby so we did some more decoration on the owl using 3D glitter, we are diy crafts freaks so we always have some 3D outline handy.

How to make paper owls

Stick a lace behind for tying purpose and we are ready!

Waiting to make a few more and we will have a family! You too can check out more DIY Crafts here if you want. Looking forward for some more art and crafts bonding between mumma and baby!

And that’s all for now! Happy Holidays :)

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