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free printable puppy colouring pagesAww Puppies! What did we ever do to deserves puppies! We were knee deep in puppy related gifts recently, as we working on some customised party favours. All of which, had us oohing and aww-ing all afternoon. Though the one that stood out the most were these printable puppy colouring cards. The idea came from giving children a craft to do along with the stationery. And, I fell in love with them instantly. As did the kids from what I’ve been told. So, obviously we had to share them with you!

dog coloring cards

For this printable DIY, you’ll need to use the button below to download the puppy colouring pages. They are already in a standard card size. But, feel free to scale it up or down, depending on how big you would like the puppy card to be.

click to download with dog

Once you’ve downloaded the file, I would recommend printing the puppy card designs on matte card paper which is a little thicker than your usual printer paper. On the lines of an art book page. This paper quality works the best for colouring in, whether you use pencils, crayons or pens.

To finish up, fold the cards in the middle and colour them in!

DIY dog Printable Coloring Cards

In case you’re curious, these puppy cards were a part of a bigger customised party favour, comprised of a customised tear off notepad, 2 sticker sheets, 4 cards + envelopes, a bookmark, a folder and a rainbow lollipop. Phew! That’s a lot, isn’t it? It looked absolutely adorable and we had the best time designing and putting them all together.

Customised Party Favours
happy birthday puppy printable cardsHow do you like these free printable puppy colouring cards? And what other kind of printables would you like to see. Let us know in the comments below and we will do our best to make it happen :) Have a great start to the week!

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