Quick Craft: Recycled Piggy Bank!

How to make a piggy bankHappy it’s almost the weekend! I don’t know about you, but I’m already counting the minutes to the weekend. We have one of our cousin hangouts on Saturday and I’ve been planning some fun stuff for us to do. And, obviously that has to include a quick craft idea! Luckily, I’ve already got the idea I want to try locked down – we’re going to be making cute lil Oinky Banks. These upcycled banks were made by our friends over at Hobby Ideas and brings together recycling and a fun technique perfectly. Tell us how it works, guys!

easy to make piggy bank

Hello and howdy! Hope you are having a great 2017! Any new projects you have thought about or are working on?

A new year comes with new resolutions, new aspirations and renewed determination. We all yearn to change the same old environment and the same old routine and so did I. I have decided to give my space a makeover with minimal investment in the next two months. What can be more satisfying than to create something out of nothing? The pleasure of doing just that is immeasurable. Best out of waste is ‘the’ trend that is showing no sign of abating with regards to decorating the space around such as homes and workspace. When I look around I find a lot of junk which can be reimagined as a cute décor pieces.

I started with a couple of wine bottles painted, using a bohemian pattern and my son comes along. He too wants to do something with the water bottle we bought at the mall. So we both got down to a brain storming session for some cute best of the waste ideas. And Ol’ Mac Donald’s pig comes to our rescue! Here is what we made and we love it! We call it ‘Oinky bank’.

Quick Crafts for Kids

The procedure is very simple. We need a bottle, some yarn, acrylic colours, google eyes, fabric glue, jute cloth, 4 small round buttons for the legs.

  1. We start with a bottle and apply glue all over it. Then wrap the yarn tightly around the bottle.
  2. Cut the ears in a tear drop shape and a small tail from the jute cloth and colour them with acrylic paints. Stick them to the bottle using glue. Paint the top of the bottle cap with pink colour.

Recycled Piggy bank

3. Paste all the four round buttons at the bottom.

4. Now we need to paste the google eyes between the nose and the ears. Draw 2 nostrils on the cap for the nose.

5. Make a slit on the back of the pig to slip in coins for the piggy bank. Secure the ends of the yarn at the edges of the slit with fabric glue so that it doesnt comes off.

Oinky Bank Upcycled Crafts

Our best out of waste project is ready in a jiffy. Ain’t it cute? We had a lot of mumma and kiddo bonding over this DIY craft project with loads of fun.

Go ahead do it. It is a great way to use old plastic bottles. We can make different animals using the same idea or do vases or do pens stand too. Instead of using yarn we may paint the bottles. That works as well. Ciao till the next one!

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