12 amazing christmas decorations for officeHappy Saturday! A lot of people (including my aunt) said I’m way too late with this post. And, most people won’t spend time making christmas decorations for office desks or spaces. I don’t know if that’s true, which is why I’m going to share this post anyway. Because, sad though this may sound a lot of people work during the Holidays. Even on Christmas. It’s just reality. And, if you’re one of those working during christmas holidays – First, I have a lot of respect for you. Second, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some Christmas spirit going around. That’s why I wanted to share 12 creative and easy Christmas decorations ideas that you can make on your office desk!

As always, you can click on the titles above each picture for the full tutorials given by the original bloggers.

1. Origami Christmas Trees by Sugar and Charm

Aren’t these the prettiest? I fell in love with these papercraft trees as soon as I saw them. Initially, I was a bit nervous about them being difficult to make. But, then I went through the tutorial and realised how simple they are.

origami christmas tree

2. Merry and Bright Wall Art by Paper & Stitch

If you want something generalised and/ or something you can put up for the entire year, it makes sense to have a quote as wall art. It looks beautiful and is a great message to remember through the year.

christmas wall art for office

3. 3 Types of Felt Ornaments by Purl Soho 

I would imagine hanging these around the rim of my desk and feeling happy about them everyday. Or maybe hanging them over my desk.

fent ornaments

4.  Modern Wooden Christmas Tree Set by Curbly 

If you’re looking for an alternate design that isn’t green or red, you should definitely make these wooden trees. They’re chic and would fit into any setting beautifully!

wooden christmas tree on office desk

5. Wood Wreath Candy Holder by Damask Love 

This DIY is just complete joy in my books. I would definitely hang it on my desk and passer bys could pick up candy as they went along with their days. Perfect!

candy cane holder

6. 3d Holly Banner by Like The Cheese 

Imagine hanging these banners on your desk. Now, imagine you feel sad working in such an environment. Impossible, right? I feel the same way!

3d holly banner with boxes

Just a thought – Even if you aren’t personally working now. You probably know someone who is and that person may be feeling a bit bummed out. So, why not make something small and unique for them. It would go a long way in showing them, you recognise their commitment and appreciate it. Right?

7. Glitter Bottle Brush Trees by Delineate Your Dwelling 

A glitter never killed no body! Especially, if it’s on adorable little trees like these. I love the colours and they are ridiculously easy to make. Absolute win win situation.

glitter christmas tree

8. Christmas Tree Party Hats by Damask Love for The Holiday Collective 

Are you having an office party? This is a great idea for your entire team! They’re festive without being over the top. So, you should definitely consider making them for everyone.

office girl party hat

9. Evergreen Holiday Wreath by Lia Griffith 

You would assume this is time consuming to make. But, that wouldn’t be right at all. This gorgeous wreath comes with a set of free printables that look stunning when put together. A single decor item like this would take care of almost all of your decor woes.

christmas wreath on office desk

10. Washi Tape Christmas Tree by Nalle’s House 

This is one of the simplest and most ingenious ideas I’ve come across. And, no one can say it’s difficult or time consuming to make. It’s a wonderful way of incorporating christmas into your office decor.

office wall tape christmas tree

11. Plywood Christmas Tree by The Crafted Life 

Talk about a multipurpose design! It not only looks fantastic. But is really useful, as you can pin notes on it. Or use it, as a stand for your desk. Lovely work!

plywood christmas tree

12. Scratch off Christmas Ornaments 

This is something you can make as a group activity. It’s basic enough for anyone to make and can be pinned on a board easily. They’re also inexpensive, so you’re not too bothered, if they get spoiled.

christmas ornaments

What do you think of these handmade office christmas decorations ideas? Let me know in the comments below! Also, let me know what decorations ideas for office, you like best and make every year.