14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love!Stumped on what to get for Secret Santa this year? We’ve got your back. With 14 gifts that anyone would find interesting. Be it your friends, family or office folks, you want to take out that little bit of time to make their gifts special. After all, Christmas happens only once a year. Make it count!

Besides the fact that Secret Santa can get you massive brownie points, it’s also a way of showing the other person you care and pay attention to them. I didn’t truly realise how much impact it has, till I was working in an office environment where people went out of their way to make their Secret Santa gifts special. Believe me, it really really works. The days up to Christmas used to be filled  with surprises every day. But, what made it truly exciting was the handmade and/or personalised element to the gifts people gave. I didn’t have to be an elaborate project someone made over weeks. It could be something really simple and it would mean a lot.

Note: All of the blogs I’m sharing ideas from are amazing. Highly recommend you spend time browsing through their content. They’ll definitely inspire you. You can click through the titles for the complete tutorials.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Hot Cocoa Kit by A Night Owl Blog

1. Hot Cocoa Bar Box Kit by A Night Owl Blog 

If your gift has a massive sweet tooth, you should really consider giving baked goods or dessert kits.They’re not only going to enjoy eating/drinking the treat. But, will also have a fun making.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Scrubs by Handmade Charlotte

2. Scrubs by Handmade Charlotte 

Do you know how much time and money goes into making a scrub? Not that much, honestly. And, there’s a lot of combinations you can work out. Just make sure to check your giftee for allergies, before making the gift.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Marbled Mugs by Say Yes

3. Marbled Mugs by Say Yes 

The probability that your gift drinks tea or coffee is pretty high. So, you should consider making a personalised mug + coffee packet option. I really like these mugs by Say Yes, because they’re super easy to make and can be used all around the year.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Stress Relief Kit by The Craftables

4. Stress Relief Kit

It’s no secret that workplaces can be stressful. So, having a stress relief kit that helps you get through the daily problems, is very meaningful as it gets you through a seemingly difficult situation.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Copper Vase by A Beautiful Mess

5. Copper Tape Vase by A Beautiful Mess 

This idea is giving two gifts in one go! You’re giving someone beautiful flowers (which everyone likes getting) and you’re giving this stunning vase, which will have the person exclaim “You made that?! Wow!”

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6. Quote That Candle

It’s not rocket science to think of candles for gifts. But, you can make it really special and memorable. Try this for instance – Take the person’s favourite quote / Book / Movie and have it printed on a candle. Add a pack of scented candles with it and you’ve escaped being generic.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Iphone Cases by Almost Makes Perfect

7. Patterned Phone Cover by Almost Makes Perfect 

Take a minute and find out what phone your giftee uses and then customise a plain cover. It’s definitely simpler than hunting for the perfect cover online. And, an attractive covers like the one here, are always going to be appealing.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Elf Wine by HGTV

8. Wine Elf by HGTV 

You would think that giving a good bottle of wine is boring. Not so boring if you dress it up as an elf and making the gift look festive. This makes for a fantastic last minute idea.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Reindeer Beer by Life of a Modern Mom

9. Reindeer Beer by Life of a Modern Mom

If your Santee isn’t much of a wine person, think about giving beer instead. These are pretty easy to gift wrap as the decorations are what make the gift look different.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Neon Painted Kitchen Utensils by Sarah Hearts

10. Neon Painted Kitchen Utensils by Sarah Hearts 

Looking for a unique gift for cooking addicts can be challenging. So, it’s best to stick to the basics and enhancing them. Take these kitchen utensils for example. You can paint them in your Santee’s favourite colours or generic colours and add a pop of colour to their kitchen.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Mousepad by Brit + Co

11. Mouse Pad by Brit + Co 

This is a great idea for a colleague, as they’re probably using one of the ready made ones, that tend to spoil with time. This is a way to not only give them a sturdier one. But also, one which is multipurpose.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! E-Reader Cover by Hello Natural

12. Recycled Jean E-reader cover by Hello Natural 

Chances are your Santee uses a tablet or an e-reader like Kindle. So, a cover for it would be really useful. It’s personalised and shows interest in the person without taxing your wallet. As, you can make it using an old pair of jeans.

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Minimal Clock by Hello Lidy

13. Minimal Geometric Clock by Hello Lidy 

There is a possibility that you know very little about a person. It happens. And, giving that person a great gift can be difficult. In which case, a minimal clock like this one is perfect. Because it would fit into any space effortlessly. While being great to look at!

14 Secret Santa Gifts Anyone Would Love! Photos Collage by Everything Emily

14. DIY Collage Frame by Everything Emily Blog 

This is probably the only time, I’m going to encourage you to stalk someone’s facebook photos. It’s a treasure trove of photos you can use for a collage. So, pick out ones you need and make a simple collage. It shows a lot of thought and makes a beautiful piece of decor for your Santee.

Bonus: Decorate your Santee’s desk/ room / workspace ! They will appreciate the time and effort it takes. We’ve been collecting Christmas related decorations you can try, here.

And that’s it for now! 14 Secret Santa gifts, I’m sure your Santee would like. Which one are you going to use? What other ideas do you have? Let me know in the comments below!