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Spring is here! In an ideal scenario, we would all be outdoors. Having picnics, taking long walks and enjoying beautiful weather. The possibilities for great dates would have been endless. Unfortunately, that is not to be, this year. BUT! this does not mean you can’t have great dates! My fellow introverts will agree, you can have unique and entertaining date nights in the comfort of your homes. Here are 21 great indoor date ideas for your partner and you to enjoy!

Making things personal | 21 Indoor Date Ideas | The Craftables

We’ve split the ideas into 3 broad categories – Relax and rejuvenate, Make it personal and Just for fun. To elaborate a bit,

Relax and rejuvenate: This checklist of ideas is related to all things zen. It could be a meditation session, giving each other a massage or taking a bubble bath. Help your partner and yourself decompress with these activities.

Just for fun: As the name suggests, these 7 activities will stretch your imagination and change the atmosphere at home. Step into another’s shoes with some roleplay, expend some energy in a pillow fight or sing your hearts out with karaoke. Whatever floats your boat.

Make it personal: This third category is for lovebirds who would like to learn or make something together. This is the ideal time to pen each other a love letter, make him or her a signature cocktail or try some wine and painting. Trust us, it’ll bring you both even closer.

21 fun activities to do with your partner at home | The Craftables blog

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Aaaand if you do try these ideas, be sure to tag and tell us. Nothing would make us happier than seeing you and your partner enjoying one (or more) of the ideas we shared above.

Relax and rejuvenate with your partner | 21 indoor date night ideas | The Craftables

Tell us which of these indoor date ideas are you most eager to try in the comments below. And of course, if you have ideas that you’ve tried and enjoyed, please share with our readers. Hope you enjoy some Koalaty time together! xoxo, The Craftables