25 DIY GAMES FOR GAME NIGHTHappy Friday Everyone! How’s your week been? Mine has been incredibly long and I’m really looking forward to lazing around on the weekend. And basically, just chilling. One of the things, that I love doing on such days, is to spend quality time with my family. Maybe watch a movie, have some yummy food, play a couple of games. Sounds perfect! So for this weekend roundup, I wanted to share some of my favourite Game Night games. All of these are the DIY versions of games that we all love to play. But, I feel like the handmade ones are a lot more special. So, here are 25 DIY Games, for you to try!

Note: For this roundup, I’m excluding card games. Cos that would make the list very very long. Maybe I’ll do another roundup around that, another time 🙂 Meanwhile, please use the links below each image to see the complete tutorial.

Game being played(monopoly) - The Craftables

1.Personalised Monopoly

DIY Chinese Checkers

2. Colour Block Chinese Checkers by Lovely Indeed

How to make a giant x's and o's board

3. Giant Knots and Crosses

Graphic Dominoes Game for Kids

4. Graphic Dominoes Game by Oh Oh Blog

Handmade Guess Who Game

5. Handmade Guess Who Game by Almost Makes Perfect

How to make a Finger Twister game to play on the go!

6. Customised Finger Twister

Quick Craft: Birthday Jenga!

7. Birthday Jenga

Citrus Slice Frisbees

8. Citrus Slice Frisbees by Paint The Gown Red

Edible Donut Checkers Game

9. Edible Donuts Checkers Game by Brite and Bubbly

How to make a Mikado set aka Pick Up Sticks for your next game Night

10. Pick Up Sticks

How to DIY a set of Emoji Skittles / Bowling Pins in simple steps, without spending too much. Tutorial is in the link.

11. Emoji Skittles

Flamingo Ring Toss

12. Flamingo Ring Toss Game by Sugar & Cloth

DIY Connect Four

13. DIY Connect Four by Lovely Indeed

Kids Matching Game

14. Kids Matching Game by Burlap and Blue

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15. Giant Snakes and Ladders

Ball and Cup Game for Kids

16. Ball and Cup Game by Hello Wonderful

Clear Playing Cards by Instructables

17. Clear Playing Cards by Instructables

Christmas Ludo by Mottes Blog

18. Christmas Ludo by Mottes Blog

Mancala Game

19. DIY Mancala Game by Lovely Indeed

donut twister game

20. Donut Twister by Studio DIY

How to make a personalised puzzle

21. Customised Crossword Puzzle

Voyager Magnetic Game

22. Voyager Magnetic Game by Hello Wonderful

Finding Dory Fishing Game

23. Finding Dory Fishing Game by Mrs Kathy King

How to make a Barter Charter Game idea + Free Printables

24. Barter Charter

Coloring Game for Easter

25. Coloring Bingo

Which DIY Games are you planning to make for your next Game night? Tell us about it in the comments below or through any of the media links given here. Have a great weekend!