diy recycled craft ideas Happy Friday Crafters! I’ve been thinking a lot about DIY recycled craft ideas, for the past couple of days. And, how it can become a really positive habit. Specially in today’s world, when an instinctive reaction is to throw something away, because everything is readily available. Imagine, if that perception could be changed to – “Hmm, but why can’t I use it, in this other way?”. Creativity levels would soar sky high! Not that it’s possible to recycle everything. But, it’s good to start somewhere. Case and point, these 25 Easy DIY Recycled Craft Ideas that I found on some of my favourite blogs!

Note: If you would like to see the steps for any of these ideas, click on the link above the photo and it will take you to the original creator’s tutorial.

1.Gift Boxes made with old cards by Gathering Beauty  

gift boxes from cards

2. DIY Cork Coasters by The Seaman Mom 

recycled cork coasters

3. Upcycled Stool with wrapping paper! 

DIY Customised stool cover

4. Burlap Storage Boxes by A Piece of Rainbow

burlap storage boxes

5. Handmade Sweater Pillow by Classic in Gray 

recycled sweater pillow

6.  Pom Pom Socks

diy pom pom socks

7. Upcycled Mini Chalkboard by Maker Mama 

mini chalkboard

8. Tray Makeover by Hungry Heart 

upcycled tray

9. DIY Ice Cream Cone Trinket Box by Damask Love

Ice Cream Cone Trinket Box

10. Color Block Hot Plates

DIY Hot plates tutorial

11. Polka Dot School Supply Vase by Mod Podge Rocks 

Polka Dot Vase

12. Takeaway Candy Boxes Party Favours made from takeaway boxes

13. Recycled Calendar Art by Liz Marie Blog 

calendar art

14. Scrap Fabric Rug by My Poppet Makes 

scrap fabric rug

15. DIY Emoji Skittles

recycled bottle skittles with emojis

16. Reupholstered Lamp Shade by By Brittany Goldwyn 

reupholstered lamp

17. Vases from Books by Sinnen Rausch 

Book vase

18. Paint Bottle Candles 

Scented Candles Craft Idea

19. Distressed Mason Jar Storage by Little House of Four 

distressed mason jar set

20. Washi Tape Dispenser by Hello Creative Family 

washi tape dispenser

21. Upcycled Silverware Box by The Navage Patch

recycled Silverware box

22. Repurposed Old Containers  

repurposed boxes

23. Gameboard Clock by Sadie Seasongoods 

Game Board Clock

24. Dinosaur Planters by Maggie Overby Studios 

dinosaur planters

25. And last, we have a recycled shoes video coming up on Monday. Watch this space for the steps!

Upcycled sneakers

What DIY Recycled Craft Idea have you worked on? Let us know in the comments below!