Fancy Packing for small giftsIf it isn’t obvious, I love gift wrapping! I like experimenting with colours, styles, bows, embellishments. Anything really. But, I usually wait for a large gift, to try out something really innovative. This is because, small gifts just don’t have enough space to do anything elaborate on. Take bows for example. Most bows will be bigger than the top of a small gift, making it look awkward. So, this weekend I wanted to try out 3 gift wrapping styles which would work best on small gifts. All three styles are really easy, so you don’t feel like you’re spending too much time on a small gift either. Check it out!

10 minute gift wrap idea

Brushstroke it!

Materials: Gold paint, plain paper, gold curling ribbon and a thick paint brush

Time taken: 10 minutes

All you need to do is,

  1. Spread out a small sheet of paper and paint thick strokes of paint all over it. The trick to painting brush strokes is to press the paint brush and lift it up while painting.  Space them out randomly and make them about the same size.
  2. Let the paper dry out and wrap the gift normally.
  3. Place the ribbon on the top of the gift and take it over the horizontal sides. Make a cross on the back and take the two ends over the vertical sides. Tie up the ends over the top of the gift and curl the ribbon.

This works really well with all metallic colours – bronze, silver, rose gold. And, if you don’t have paint, you can use a marker instead (that effect is very pretty, as well!)

How to pack small gifts

Embellish it!

Materials: Small embellishments, plain paper, glue

Time taken: 15 – 20  minutes

Usually I would shy away from pasting embellishments on a gift. Imagine the number of stones you would need for a large gift (It would take way too much time!). But, on a small surface it works perfectly.

You can replicate this by:

  1. Wrap the gift normally in a plain sheet of paper.
  2. Using scale, make small dots over the surface of the gift. You could eyeball it, make a full grid or just a single line of dots for reference.
  3. Put tiny drops of glue over the dots and paste the stones on top.
  4. If you like, add more embellishments over the sides.

3 ways to gift wrap small gifts

Punch holes in it!

Materials: Two contrasting colors of paper, golden ribbon, Single Punch

Time taken: 10-15 minutes

I like using this design on long gifts, because it really highlights the design punched into the paper. The steps are:

  1. Wrap up the gift in one of the two papers.
  2. Measure the second sheet of paper around the gift, to see how long a strip you’ll need and cut it out.
  3. Leaving small margins on the ends of the strip, punch holes all over the paper. You can do this is a design or randomly as I did.
  4. Paste the strip on one edge of the gift.
  5. If needed, add a strip of ribbon on the edge of the paper to give the gift finish.

quick gift wrapping ideas

How to Gift Wrap Small Gifts

How to pack small gifts ideas

And that’s it! 3 Quick ways to gift wrap small gifts! Let me know what you think of them in the comments below. Also, tell me what you do for small gifts, I would love to hear your ideas!