30 Simple Pleasures To Enjoy At Home #30daysofcomfort by The Craftables

Doesn’t it feel like your life has done a tailspin in the past couple of months? Mine does. I never imagined feeling or living the way I do at the moment. No, that doesn’t mean I don’t count my blessings. I am eternally grateful for a long list of things. But, I would be lying if I said I haven’t experienced any anxiety or discomfort as we live a ‘new’ kind of normal. This is a thought I had again and again, till I started penning down things I miss. Which led to me to a realisation – there are plenty of things I enjoy that are within my reach! Simple pleasures that are very much possible every day.

With that in mind, we started making a list called #30daysofcomfort. As the name suggests, it is a list of 30 simple pleasures that we can try every day. Of course, you don’t have to do all of them in one go, neither do you have to follow them in the sequence that we suggest. But, we do hope these comfortable activities resonate with you. And if they can make you feel happier, then our goal is met with.

We’ve been sharing a daily reminder of each activity on our Instagram (follow along here) and sharing photos of you sharing your #30daysofcomfort with us. Join us on a quest for comfort today by sharing your photos with us 🙂

Additionally, here’s a written list of the simple pleasures we have included in our list:
Day 1: Share a joke and have a laugh
Day 2: Bounce or jump on your bed.
Day 3: Call an old friend and have a long chat.
Day 4: Read a chapter or two (or three or four) of your favourite book.
Day 5: Make yourself a fancy drink (here are some recipe suggestions)
Day 6: Try drawing something by memory or using your non-dominant hand.
Day 7: Wake up early and watch the sunrise.
Day 8: Take a long hot shower or bubble bath.
Day 9: Clean something (trust me, it feels amazing – here’s a list of things to clear up)
Day 10: Play a game you really like. Might we suggest some?
Day 11: Satisfy your sweet tooth with a nice dessert
Day 12: Have a solo dance party!
Day 13: Take a power nap. You’ve earned it!
Day 14: Zen mode on with 5 (or more) relaxing minutes of meditation.
Day 15: Cross things off your to-do list!
Day 16: Hold hands with a loved one <3

30 Simple Pleasures To Enjoy At Home #30daysofcomfort by The Craftables

Day 17: Tell a funny or entertaining story about yourself.

Day 18: Sing your heart out to your favourite song.

Day 19: Style your hair differently

Day 20: Look through old photos of your childhood or a past trip.

Day 21: Rearrange your room.

Day 22: Try to see shapes in clouds or stars for a few minutes.

Day 23: Play a harmless prank on someone.

Day 24: Solve a puzzle or two (here’s something to try!)

Day 25: Give yourself a gift!
Day 26: Try cooking or baking a recipe you have never tried before.
Day 27: Watch an old movie. Which one are you going to watch?
Day 28: Sleep in without an alarm.
Day 29: Take some nice photos to remember your current mood.
Day 30: The best comfort is the joy of others. Make someone smile today.

So, what do you think – are you willing to try our #30daysofcomfort? Which other simple pleasures do you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below.