homemade mothers day gift ideasI have been planning this idea for so long, I’m actually nervous writing about it! So, I’m going to buckle down and just go for it! Mother’s Day is coming up and I think this homemade gift ideas are both a thoughtful and a creative way of showing your mom how much you appreciate her (Seriously, moms seem to have superpowers. Don’t they?) The idea is to make one DIY gift for each of the 5 Chinese elements – Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal. Lets get started!

mothers day gifts to make

I feel like, putting 5 tutorials here is going to make the article extremely long. So, I’m going to link 3 of the tutorials to gifts, I made earlier this month (Did I mention that I’ve been planning this idea for a while?). All you need to do is click on the link given and it will take you to a step by step guide 🙂


  1. Since there are 5 parts to these elemental gifts, you want to keep the DIYs really simple. None of the tutorials given here, take more than 1 hour to make. That’s a total of 5 hours, at the very most!
  2. You can buy a gift per element, as well. That’s really special too. I’ll add a few more ideas below each element. Also, you can make any one or any combination of these gifts. I like to think, each gift would be special even if they’re not a part of the set. Right?

plant gift for mothers day


Time: 5-7 minutes execution time

Budget: Low

Steps: To make this Mothers Day DIY, we bought a small plant that could fit in a glass tumbler we had at home. Staying thematic, we chose a Chinese plant that doesn’t require too much maintenance.  For the planter, we took gold coloured glass paint and painted the bottom. All you need to do is,

  1. Turn the glass upside down and place your hand inside it.
  2. Take a thick dollop of paint of your brush (without any water) and press it to the bottom of the glass. Drag the paint downward gently, to make the brushstroke.
  3. While turning your hand, make brushstrokes all around the bottom.
  4. Let it dry for a couple of minutes
  5. Once the planter is dry, add a little water to the glass and place the plant inside it! Ta Da!

Other Earth related ideas: clay made items such as vases and bowls, potted plants, donate plants to your local garden.

diy wooden chopping board


For the wood related gift idea, we made a customised chopping board for Mom’s kitchen. I really like this idea, because it adds a pop of color to the kitchen and it’s a very simple design.

Click here for the complete tutorial

Other wooden gifts: decor or furniture pieces, up cycled wooden articles around the house, salad spoons, trays.

homemade candles gift idea


I love this idea! In fact, I was thinking of my mom while I was making it because she loves to paint. For this Mothers Day Gift idea, we took old paint bottles and made pastel candles using recycled materials. So, it’s inexpensive and pretty!

Here is the complete tutorial

Other fire related gifts: cooking appliances or utensils, collectable lighters, oven mitts. This one is going to be a little more difficult, so you can get a gift which is related to fire colors or has the symbols on it. Let me know if you have ideas related to this element!

flavoured water for mothers day


Time taken: 5 minutes

Budget: Low

We made 3 kinds of healthy flavoured water for the water element. Honestly, I don’t think these are the most appealing waters I’ve made. However, I do know they’re extremely good for your system (tried and tested). Here’s what each of them does:

  1. Cinnamon Water: All you need to do is add a half a spoon of cinnamon powder to a tumbler of water and leave it overnight. Sift the water to remove the particles before drinking. In the long run, this water helps with weight control and pain in the joints.
  2. Fenugreek Water (Methi): This water is really good for controlling diabetes and improving your digestive system. You can soak a  spoonful of seeds or a few leaves in a glass of water and leave it overnight.
  3. Fennel and Coriander Seed Water: This last water, is an effective means of controlling water retention. You need to add half a teaspoon of fennel and coriander seeds per glass of water and let it stay overnight.

Other water related ideas: bath salts, scrubs, spa kit, fruity water, flavoured ice cubes, water bottles.

mothers day metal gift idea


For the last gift idea – metal – we decorated this metal bowl using a bold metallic colour. This probably took the longest amount of time, due to the size of the bowl. But, it’s quite simple really.

Click this link to see the complete tutorial.

Other metal related ideas: metal jewellery, organisation boxes, electronics

DIY Mothers day gifts

5 elements DIY mother's day gift idea

Phew! That was a long post wasn’t it?

Hopefully, you enjoyed our homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 🙂 Let me know your thoughts and what you would make per element in the comments below! I would love to get more ideas!