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5 seconds have never felt shorter than when you’re playing ‘The 5 Second Rule Game!’ We’ve recently been getting so many requests for drinking games for adults that we had to put a fun spin on this game. Here’s how it works!

5 Seconds Rule Card Game | customised drinking Games | Games for kids | The Craftables Games 2

The 5 Second Rule Game is a simple card game with 40 unique cards. Each card has a quirky question that players must answer in 5 seconds. If you manage to answer the question, you get to keep the card. And if you don’t you place it back in the deck for another player. In the drinking version, you must take a sip or gulp of your drink if you don’t answer the question.

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As for the questions, they aren’t child’s play! They require quick thinking. The questions can be direct (Name 5 animal cartoon characters); abstract (Would you rather be filthy rich 400 years ago or middle-class today); or adult (Name 3 people you wouldn’t want to see naked!).

5 Seconds Rule Card Game | Games for adults | Games for kids | The Craftables Games 2

We also made a children-friendly version of this game! In fact, we made two – one for teens and one for preteens. For more information on these versions and how to customise them, please email us on thecraftablesofficial@gmail.com or personalise@thecraftables.com.

Or you can purchase the adults version HERE.

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For the commonly asked questions:

  1. Yes, this game can be customised further. Please email us for more info on that.
  2. No, it does not include a timer. 
  3. Yes, it can be played in teams. You can split the players into teams and take it, one person, at a time to answer the questions. 

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below!

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Hope you liked our newest addition to our games family – 5 Second Rule Game! Let us know your thoughts and feedback below! Have a great day 🙂