7 NEW YEAR PARTY IDEAS YOU CAN DIY!Happy Saturday! How has your Holiday season been going so far? We decided to take it slow this year. So, mine’s been a lot of relaxing, reading and family time. Which is obviously great. However, we were thinking of ending 2015 with a little more excitement, by hosting a party. Not a rip roaring event with lots of people and arrangements. But, a small gathering of people we like to spend the first moments of the New Year with. That’s what lead to my online hunt for New Year Party Ideas and here are some of he ideas, I’m planning on making. Check it out!

7 NEW YEAR PARTY IDEAS YOU CAN DIY! - Printable party invites by The Proper Blog

1. New Year’s Eve Party Invitations by The Proper Blog 

Let’s start the arrangements at the very beginning with invites. I liked these free printables because they’re simple to make and the design isn’t elaborate. (wouldn’t it be awkward to send very fancy invites? I think it can convey the idea of a bigger party than it is). Head over to The Proper Blog to download, print and send them off asap!

7 NEW YEAR PARTY IDEAS YOU CAN DIY! - Disco Ball Pinata by Studio DIY

2. Disco Ball Piñata by Studio DIY 

A big disco ball can be a little over the top. But, I’ll tell what isn’t – a Disco Ball Piñata. Studio DIY shared this amazing tutorial on how to make one and I think, it falls under the theme of a New Year’s Eve Party perfectly. Plus, it’s a fun game to play.

7 NEW YEAR PARTY IDEAS YOU CAN DIY! - Printable Game by Alice & Lois

4. Individual Snack Platters

Speaking of games, Alice and Lois shared a great game on their site recently. It’s a printable, which you can download and assemble in minutes. Besides being convenient, it’s a lovely way to look back at the year, recalling some of your favourite memories.

DIY Individual snack platters for a party.

4. Individual Snack Platters

Coming to my priority for any party – the food. I was talking about how much I love finger food and can never get enough of it. And, this totally feeds into that (get it? :P). Seriously, I think it would be great if guests could have their individual platters for snacks. Definitely makes it easier to eat and move around.

7 NEW YEAR PARTY IDEAS YOU CAN DIY! - Floral Ice Bucket by Sugar & Charm

5. Floral Ice Bucket by Sugar and Charm 

This is an ingenious idea. It looks phenomenal, is useful and isn’t difficult to make. Talk about a perfect fit! Personally, I can’t wait to try this and have already got all my ingredients in the fridge. My mother made mini versions of these with glasses and they looked superb.

7 NEW YEAR PARTY IDEAS YOU CAN DIY! Festive Stirrers by Jojotastic

6. Festive Stirrers by Jojotastic

Stirrers are a brilliant way of adding personal touches to a party. And my favourite ones for New Years Eve are these simple, but festive ones by Jojotastic. They’re simple to make in numbers and can be modified (change up the fruits) as per the drink.

7 NEW YEAR PARTY IDEAS YOU CAN DIY! - Glitter Balloon Drop by A Subtle Revelry

7. Glitter Balloon Drop by A Subtle Revelry 

This is what I want to stand under, when the clock strikes twelve! It’s a brilliant highlight to a great evening and never fails. Everyone of every age enjoys them, so it works for every single scenario. That’s why, it’s our favourite pick for what to do at midnight!

What do you think of these New Year Party Ideas? Tell us, which one you want to try and why in the comments below. Happy New Year!