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This one is for the people who need something to do besides staring at a screen all day! We’ve been on quite a streak of sharing activities to do at home (click here to read). And to add to that list, we’re sharing something simple that will keep you happily occupied. For this one, all you need is a paper and a pen (or a pencil or a crayon or anything to write with really) and let’s get started!

For this roundup, we’re talking games. Specifically paper and pen games you can play at home easily. You don’t need any fancy materials, just your wits!

Hangman Game | 7 paper and pen game ideas | easy to play activities | No materials | The Craftables
  • Hangman: The first paper and pen game we’re talking about is a classic – Hangman! Remember doodling on the corner of your notebook and playing this with your classmate? This simple game involves selecting a word/phrase/movie or anything from a category and letting your friend guess it. Every right answer gets a letter placed in the words. Every wrong answer gets a body part added to the hangman’s noose. We usually guess up till 6 wrong answers, but you can modify that.
Words within words game instructions | paper and pen game ideas | kids learning activities to DIY | The Craftables
  • Words within Words: Oooh this one is a fun one. You can play this with as many or as few people as you like. All you need to do is pick a big word and write down as many smaller (2+ letters) words as you can, using the letters of the word. We actually made a running variation of this game. Check that out here. For answers, you can easily google it.
Name Place Animal Thing | Category games for all ages | The Craftables Games
  • Name, Place, Animal, Thing: This paper and pen game is perfect for all ages. And you can always change the categories. Some fun ones that we like are colours, food, sports and more. Try this out!
Unscrambled Letters Actvity for all ages | Language games for children | Parent child Games | The Craftables
  • Unscramble: This is such a great activity for kids. And something we make quite often with different themes (check out our Instagram here, to see some free ones). However, I do suggest picking a topic that all the players are familiar with or increasing or decreasing the difficulty level according to the age of the players. 
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  • Dots and Boxes: My husband and I have been competing over this and every time we play, we make the dots grid bigger and bigger. It’s a quick and fun game for all ages and helps children pick up patterns.
Drawing activity for kids | How to play paper and pen games | No expense game ideas | The Craftables
  • Drawful: Again, you can take a lot of ideas and modify this game. For example, you can compete with a group of players to draw the same thing. Try drawing with your other hand. Draw with your eyes closed. The possibilities are endless!
  • Bulls and Cows: Lastly, we have bulls and cows or hits and misses (whichever you prefer). This logic-based game is great for preteens and above. And can be modified to more than 4 numbers in a code or a mixture of numbers and alphabets. 

Do you like the sound of this paper and pen games? Let us know your favourite one in the comments below!