quick craft painting ideasIt looks like I still have colour on my mind. Holi was a few days ago, and I feel like I had forgotten, just how much fun the day is. There’s colour literally everywhere and it looks fantastic! So, I’m looking for reasons to prolong it. Now, I understand that its not possible to have colour everywhere, all the time. Plus, rang can get a bit messy. That’s why, I’m going for the next best thing – paint! For today’s roundup, I’m talking about 7 quick craft painting ideas. Check it out!

polka dot painted sneakers

First up, these pretty polka dot patterned sneakers! Personally, I like adding details such as these to everything. And, I love how simple it is to make. Check out the complete article on Dream Green DIY.  

jenga blocks painting

We played this DIY on our last game night – a color block set of Jenga. I had made this version of the game  for my sister’s birthday and we had a blast! Here’s how you can make it too!

gold painted balloons

If you’re planning a party (Or not. You don’t need a reason to have pretty balloons), you can enhance the decor easily with these gold painted balloons. Use this painting idea by Design Love Fest to create a whole bunch of them and add some colour to your next get together! You can learn how to make these through this tutorial. paint dipped alphabet magnets

I want to try these paint dipped alphabet magnets the next time I’m crafting with my cousins. It’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to making all kinds of phrases! Sarah Hearts shared the tutorial for this crafty painting idea. Please click here, for the full tutorial. 

compartment box

You would think that I would get tired of masking. Considering the number of times I use it! But I don’t think I ever will. This is a perfect example of how you can paint minimal designs in minutes! Click here for the step by step tutorial on how to paint this compartment box.

terrazzo tile inspired planter

I’m in love with this Terrazzo Tile Inspired Planter that Enthralling Gumption shared. It’s beautiful! You can use the technique on all kinds of planter designs and it will look brilliant! Here is the link on how to execute this idea. 

spray painted gift tag

I came across these spray painted tags by Pure Sweet Joy, just this morning. And I knew I had to share it with you. They’re absolutely gorgeous and so easy to make! See how to make them, using this link. 

Hope you liked these quick craft painting ideas! Let me know what’s on your crafting agenda? I’m always on the hunt for innovative ideas 🙂