7 Ways To Personalise Your BagsDo you need a mid-week break? I do. That’s why I’m going to spend time on one of my favourite things in the world – handbags (I just did I mini yaay in my head, while writing that). Now, I don’t actually have time to make something elaborate. So, I’m going to share ways on how to quickly  personalise your bags and make them more customised to your taste. Here are some of the personalisation ideas I found and am planning on experimenting with.

Personalise Your Bag - Embellishments

1.Embellishments: Handbag with colourful spikes A Beautiful Mess 

This is such an great way of decorating an existing bag and I have the perfect one to work with – a small clutch which has a hard flap like the one in the tutorial. This would look great in the different colors or in a single color that stands out against the color of the bag.

custom bag tassels

2. Tassels: Straw Tote with Tassels by Boxwood Avenue 

What a pretty design! Specially for a summer or beach bag. I especially like that the tassels are small and add a pop of colour to the straw tote.

customise bag with scarf

3. Tie A Scarf

Another option is simply tying a bright scarf on a basic bag. This is a good idea for big bags and you can tie the scarf in a number of ways to create a different effect. And, it’s convenient. Because you can change the scarf, as often as you like.

custom stamp bag

4. Stamp: Stamped fabric bag by Burkatron 

If you’re looking for DIYs for fabric bags, this is a simple & brilliant design. The reason why I like it so much is the minimal look of the bag, which automatically makes it useful for so many occasions. Like shopping or running errands or for children.

gold foil brushstroke personalised bag

5. Paint: Gold Foil Brushstroke by Delineate Your Dwelling 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a bit of glam, you should definitely use this brushstroke technique. It’s a beautiful way to personalise your bag!

custom pom pom charm bag

6. Pom Pom: Bag Charm by Love Maegan 

I’ve been seeing these pom pom charms everywhere and they are atrociously expensive. So, I’m very excited about this tutorial. The walkthrough is great and you can make them exactly how you like, without paying through your nose.

personalise bag charm

7. Charms: Discount Bag Charms by Homemade Banana 

Lastly, you can also try bag charms. They are so personalised and can really reflect what you like, without overpowering the bag itself. I love these because they have so many things that I like – gemstones, tassels and dinosaurs!

What other ways can you use to personalise your bags? Let me know your suggestions in the comments below. I’m on a bit of an accessories spree and could use all the advice possible.