Once upon a time, there was a small family that lived in a small town, with a tall and funloving father, a tiny and caring mother, a bookish elder daughter and a carefree younger daughter. They led an ordinary and homely life. So, who would have guessed that their every day was a creative adventure?

From the time they were toddlers, the girls would make something handmade on every occasion with their Mother. She introduced them to papercrafts, scrapbooking and all kinds of artistic activities. Birthdays, would have fantastic themes, innovative decor and fun-filled games.. all handmade to suit the theme. Diwali, meant hand-painted diyas and rangolis. The father was thrilled to get a handmade card on every special occasion.

As they grew up, the girls started thinking of creative gifts themselves. In fact, they made a rule – that they could never repeat an idea for any family member on any occasion! So every time there was a birthday or an anniversary or a special occasion, they would go back to the drawing board.

In 2009, the family moved to Mumbai. With board exams and college, their creativity took a backseat. The elder daughter (me!) got her first job. And it introduced her to a world of possibilities. From blogging to advertising to content creation to making websites. A little seed of an idea started growing.

Meanwhile, the Mother was also feeling a creative itch. For years, she had wanted to design games. So they took a few deep breaths, penned down their thoughts, and decided to share their creative ideas from the past, as a blog named The Craftables.

The blog helped people tap into their creativity and find sparks of joy from making things, as it did for the family.  Soon they started dabbling in customised products. It was a simple mission – to make things personalised. Newspapers, yoga mats, stationery, games.. you name it!
Gradually, the blog evolved and they decided to make a website where anyone could design and buy products. And of course, get some DIY inspiration.

Which brings us here –

Welcome to The Craftables!

We hope you enjoyed a brief look at our story. Watch this space, as we grow and share more of our journey.