Flavored Ice - The CraftablesDo you like flavored water? I do and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. Peaches. Watermelons. Oranges. Lemons. All that fruity yumminess in my water. If I could substitute it for normal water, I would do it without hesitation! That’s not the case though, as it’s thoroughly impractical to flavor all the water in the house (not everyone likes it). So, instead, we made these simple flavored ice cubes. Now, I just plop them into my water or juice and I’m all set. This week, we tried orange, mint, lemon and watermelon!

Orange ice in a glass - The CraftablesBudget: Low

Time taken: 15 minutes to execute.


  • Ice Tray
  • Water
  • Orange and Lemon rind
  • Mint (ground/leaves)
  • Orange, Lemon and Watermelon juices

Materials needed to make flavored ice - The CraftablesSteps:

  1. Squeeze out the juices that are needed for the ice cubes and take out the pulp. If the pulp is left, it comes out as strands in the water and looks quite bad.
  2. Take off the rind of the lemon and orange.
  3. To about half the tray add water and add the lemon and orange rinds to them. The mint can also be added to the water. Push the rind inwards, so that it does not float up and stick to the edges of the ice.
  4. Add the juices to the other spaces on the ice tray. At this stage, if you don’t want a strong flavor, it’s best to add some water to the juice before putting it in the tray.
  5. Refrigerate the tray and serve with water or juice!

Ice Tray - The CraftablesJust look at those colors, how amazing does that look! This is also a great and easy idea for parties.

Flavored ice in glasses - The CraftablesStuff that happens:

  • Flavors always vary based on how good the fruit is.
  • The rind will float in the water after the ice has melted.
  • This is a great idea for parties. As it looks quite appealing and adds a subtle touch to the food.
  • Don’t keep the ice for more than a few days. Juice spoils after a while.

Lemon rind ice - The Craftables

Flavored ice glasses - The CraftablesWhich flavor would you like to make? Let us know with through the links below or through the comments! – PA