Colour In Printable Rakhis | Avengers Themed | The Craftables TutorialRakhi is right around the corner guys! Its on August 26 and I’m sure you’ve started prepping your gifts and rakhis for your siblings. This year, we wanted to make something that kids would have fun with. That’s how we came up with the idea rakhis you can make colour in! Because who doesn’t enjoy a quick colouring session, and how cute would it be for your brother to wear a rakhi you’ve handmade! Ah!! So cute!! Once we had the idea locked down, we started thinking about what theme these rakhis be. And the answer was simple – Avengers! If you don’t know who the Avengers are, you need to crawl out from under the rock you’re living in. Because they are AMAZING! Moreover, each of the original team have a specific logo that symbolises them. And that’s what we are going to be making today – Avengers Colour In Printable Rakhis!

Freebie Printable Rakhis | Marvel Themed | The Craftables Tutorial


  • Printable Logo Sheet. Click the button below to print.
  • Scissors
  • Crayons / Colour Pencils / Colouring Pens / Markers
  • Thick Paper
  • Tape
  • Satin / cloth ribbon

Button Freebie Printable Rakhis | Marvel Themed | The Craftables Tutorial

How to make Printable Rakhis with colouring | Avenger Themed | The Craftables Tutorial


1. Start by printing the attached file on thick paper. The logos are sized to 6 cm diameter, which should work for most children’s wrist size. However, you can scale it up or down, as you like. If your printer does not take thick paper, you can print on regular paper as well.

2. If you have printed on regular paper, paste the printed sheet on a coloured or thicker paper to make the rakhis sturdier.

3. Colour in your sheet as you like. The usual colours for each of the Avengers is:

  • Captain America – Red, Blue and White
  • Thor – Yellow, Red and Blue
  • Iron Man – Yellow and Red
  • Hulk – Green
  • Hawkeye – Purples
  • Black Widow – Red, Black and Yellow
  • Shield – Black, Dark Blue, Grey and White
  • Avengers – Silver or Black and white

Colouring Sheets Kids Crafts | Printable Rakhis | Marvel Themed | The Craftables Tutorial

4. After colouring in the logos, cut them out along the outermost circle.

5. Cut matching ribbons for the rakhis. I like to use satin or cloth ribbons for these, as they are easier to tie and hold. Thinner the better.

6. Paste the ribbons on the back of the rakhi. Make sure the logo is facing the right direction!

7. Snip the edges and your rakhis are ready!

Optional – If you like, you can also paste a circle of paper on the back of the ribbon and logo. This will help hold the rest of the rakhi in place.

DIY Printable Rakhis with colouring | Marvel Themed | The Craftables Tutorial

Indian Festive Printable Rakhis with colouring | Marvel Themed | The Craftables Tutorial

Easy to make kids crafts Colouring Printable Rakhis | Marvel Themed | The Craftables Tutorial

This is such a fun craft idea to do with kids or for adults who love the Avengers (like me!). My favourite Avenger is Captain America! I think he’s absolutely amazing! Whose your favourite? Let me know who you like best and if you like our Avengers themed printable rakhis! Happy Crafting 🙂