BUY or DIY 16 Rainbow themed giftsHappy Friday! Are you feeling bright and sunny? If not, then why! The weekend is here and Summer is right around the corner. There’s loads to be happy and hopeful about. I’m a firm believe in the saying –  Infuse positive energy in your thoughts, good things will follow. Speaking of good things, do you know someone whose absolutely obsessed with rainbows? I do! And I’ve been racking my head on what to get her for her birthday. And while I was thinking of ideas, I kept shuttling between gifts to BUY or DIY. Which leads me to today’s post (and hopefully new set of posts) about 16 Gifts You Can BUY or DIY for your rainbow obsessed friends.

Gifts To DIY

First up are our DIYs! You could try to make:

Gifts to BUY

Looking for gifts to buy instead?

a. All the shops recommended above ship Internationally.
b. Nope, they didn’t give us any compensation for sharing their products. We just like them.
c. When I’m writing this post, the products were all in stock 😀

Who is the rainbow obsessed friend in your life and what would you BUY or DIY for her / him? Tell me in the comments below!

Shown above: DIY shot glasses / DIY Catchall by Club Crafted / DIY Cake Topper by Tell Love & Party / Neon wall sign by Bando / DIY Bath Bombs by Muffin Channel / DIY Tray / DIY Desk Organiser by A Kailo Chic Life / Coin Pouch by Shein / DIY Tote bag by Damask Love