How to make a candy basket?In some ways, we think candy is the perfect gift for most people. It can be in any flavour, it’s great to look at, it’s comparatively inexpensive and readily available. So, today we looked into making candy buckets, which add just a touch a cuteness to candy gifting. Here’s what to do!

Finished candy bucket

Budget: Low to Medium

Time taken to execute: Less than 5 minutes


  • Colourful bucket
  • Cellophane sheet
  • Assorted candy boxes and packets
  • Tissue

We tried to keep the flavors and the kind of candy very mixed – some sweet stuff, some sour stuff and some all time favorites. Consciously or not, we ended up with a lot of colors. Here, you can go one of 2 ways – choose candy that has similar colors (limit it to 1-3 colors which match the bucket) or choose colors at random, like we did.

Sidenote: would this be a good idea for party favours? Let me know if you think it would work. Considering the cost and the time it takes to make this gift, it should be quite nice for a kiddy party!

materials for candy bucket


  1. Crumple and place the cellophane sheet at the bottom of the bucket. This will act as stuffing that pushes the candy upwards.
  2. Stick in the longest candy on one side. This will hold the content in place. We suggest doing this before putting in the tissue. If you do it afterwards, the tissue will probably tear.
  3. Open and place 1-2 tissues in the bucket. Make sure it is coming up over the sides of the bucket. If the tissue is small, make sure to add more stuffing at the bottom. 
  4. Place the candy in the bucket. The biggest on the sides and smaller in the center.

How to make a candy bucket steps

Now that’s a quick gift. Right? We made them for our cousins and they seemed to like it. How about you!

Candy Buckets and how to make them