unique christmas gift wrappingAre you having a mini panic attack, because all your Christmas gift wrapping is left and we’re less than a week away? I did, till I sat down and started working on wrapping them. I had a simple rule. Any gift wrapping technique that takes more than 10 minutes to do, is going to get abandoned instantly. And, in the end, we came up with these last minute 12 unique christmas gift wrapping ideas. Here, they are.

Note: I’m not sure of what each technique is called or if any of the bows have a name. I could google it. But, I’m lazy. So, I’m going to make it up, as I write. However, If you do know the names, definitely let me know!

Also, please keep in mind:

  • Bows: Paste the two ends of a ribbon and paste the loop made, in the middle.
  • Middle loop: Take a small piece of ribbon, paste it over the back of the bow, fold it over and paste the other end to the back of the bow.
  • Each of the ideas involves packing the gifts normally.

Christmas Wrapping - Double Bow

1.Double Bow + Plain Paper: For this paper gift wrap, all you need is any kind of coloured paper and 2 kinds of ribbon (we used a patterned and a plain one). Steps:

  1. Hold two ribbons over each other and paste them in the centre of the box.
  2. Cut 1 piece of each ribbon, making the plain one, slightly shorter. Make 2 bows.
  3. Hold the smaller bow over the other one.
  4. Make a middle loop (refer to steps above) over the two bows and paste it on the gift.

Gift Wrapping - ornate bow

2. Ornate Bow + Plain paper: Honestly, this is the kind of bow you could end up paying too much for. Specially, because they’re insanely easy to make. Here’s how:

  1. Tie two pieces of ribbon, from the sides over the wrapped gift.
  2. Make 4 bows of equal sizes.
  3. Paste 2 bows over the crossed ribbons and the remaining 2 bows between them.
  4. Cut a small piece of ribbon and paste the two ends.
  5. Paste the loop in the middle of the bows.

Red Gift Wrapping - pleated packing

3. Pleated Paper: This kind of technique is perfect for plain paper gift wrapping. All you need to do is, paste one end of the paper to the bottom of the gift. Then, flip the gift and make a crease on the edge of the gift. Keep a ruler over the middle of the gift and fold the paper over it. Slide the ruler out and paste the fold made. Flipping the same sheet, repeat the steps 3-4 times. Paste the remaining paper over the edge and onto the back of the gift. Finish by, pasting the sides normally.

Christmas paper Wrapping - infinity bow

4. Double Infinity Bow + Plain Paper: This kind of bow is perfect for small christmas gifts. Because, the bow gets highlighted beautifully. The steps are:

  1. Use 1 or 2 colours of ribbon to make a simple cross in the centre of the gift.
  2. Cut a long length of the red ribbon and paste both ends.
  3. Hold the top of the loop and turn and paste it to the bottom of the loop.
  4. Cut a length of the green ribbon and paste one end over the middle of the red ribbon.
  5. Pull it over the edges of the red ribbon and paste it over the start of the green ribbon.
  6. Paste the middle of the green ribbon, over the ends pasted earlier.
  7. Use a small piece of red to hold the two ribbons together and paste it over the cross.

Gift Wrapping - slider

5. Double Paper + Slider: This is probably my favourite kind of packing for christmas gifts. Because, it looks way more difficult, than it is. All you need to do is, pack the base of the gift in plain paper. Next, cut a small panel of the contrasting paper as per the size of the gift. Paste both ends of the panel made and slide it over the plain paper. To decorate, you can use a small piece of ribbon or leftover paper to make a bow over the slider.

handmade Christmas wrap - candy stripe

6. Candy Cane Packing: I love doing this packing for round gifts, because it never looks like a mess. For the full steps, click here.

christmas ornament wrappings

7. Leftover Ornaments: Small christmas ornaments make for beautiful gift packing as they’re decorative enough on their own. For this christmas wrapping, all I did was wrap the gift up with thin paper, tie two matching in the centre of the gift and paste two ordinary christmas ornaments, at slight angles.

handmade gift wrap with tag

8. Gift Tag Pack: This idea is an easy way of incorporating a gift tag into the packing of a gift. You can follow these steps:

  1. Measure the amount of thread you need for one loop of the box, and cut 3 times the amount.
  2. Cut a small piece of paper and punch holes on two sides.
  3. Paste one end of the thread to the back of the gift and loop it through the back of the tag made.
  4. Hold the tag over the top of the gift and continue looping the thread through the holes and over the back. Continue, till the ribbon is almost used up.
  5. Paste the the other end of the thread to the back of the gift.

green gift wrap - ornate bow

9. Printed paper + Decorative Bow: This kind of christmas wrapping idea works best for plain ribbon. So, we added a patterned paper, to give it completion. The steps are:

  1. Paste a length of ribbon in the centre of the gift.
  2. Make 2 equal bows
  3. Hold a third length of ribbon from the ends and cut small triangles out of them. Paste this in the centre of the gift.
  4. Paste the two bows at slight angles over each other and make a middle loop over them. Paste the completed bow over the ribbon.

Christmas Gift Wrapping - double paper

10. Double Paper: Doesn’t this look pretty? All you need to do is pack a gift normally and then wrap a contrasting paper over half of the gift. Then paste a ribbon over the edge of the overlapping paper.

grid ribbon gift wrap

11. Criss Cross Ribbon + Plain Paper: In order to do this gift wrap for christmas, wrap the gift in thin paper and cut 4 lengths of ribbon. Paste one length of ribbon horizontally, then a second over it vertically. The third ribbon is horizontally under the first vertical one and over the last vertical one. Making a simple grid.

Christmas cutouts wrap

12. Cutouts + Double Ribbon: The last unique gift wrapping idea for christmas in this article is probably the easiest. You will need to wrap the gift in plain paper and add two thick ribbons over it. The ribbons need to overlap a little. Next, cut out small shapes or use a punch (if one is available). Paste the cutouts haphazardly over the ribbons. And, that’s it!

12 Unique Christmas Gift Wrappings

Whew! That was a long post wasn’t it? I would totally understand if anything got too confusing. So, let me know if you need any clarifications for any of the christmas paper ideas above.

Let me know, which wrapping idea is your favourite, in the comments below! Happy Holidays  🙂