christmas hanging decoration bottleMost of the time, when you start a DIY project you have an exact plan on what you’re going to make. You know what materials you need, how much time it will take and what you want the end result to look like. This was definitely not one of those craft ideas. As, everything was unplanned and we were making it up, as we went forward. All we had in mind, was we felt like making something for Christmas and we wanted to hang it near our tree. And, slowly the vague idea evolved into this Christmas hanging decoration. Goes to show, that sometimes you need to just go with the flow and it’ll work out! (or not, let me know what you think.)

hanging bottle decoration

Budget: Low

Time: 1.5 hours



decoration material

1. Paint the corks of the jars in gold and paste the bangles on top of each other. You can use any ring or circle instead of bangles. But, keep in mind, that the bigger the circle the wider the hanging will be.

2. Tie a knot at the bottom of an extra long piece of string and pierce it through the centre of the cork. Repeat this for all of the corks.

3. Fill the bottles with glitter or tinsel.

decorated hanging bottle

4. After applying a small amount of glue, insert the cork in the bottle. The glue helps make sure that, the bottle doesn’t slip. You can add cutouts and small bows to the bottles, to make them look more festive.

5. Place and measure out how long you want each of the threads to be. We wanted a gradual flow of the bottles downwards.

6. Mark out 6 equidistant spaces on the bangle and tie the threads to the bangle. We made sailors knots, which can take the weight. Alternately, you can paste them as well.

7. Using the excess string from the bottles, tie a knot in the centre of the bangle. This helps hold the hanging in place.

8. Punch out and paste holly leaves and berries around the bangle. We wanted to simplify it further (pasting directly on the bangle can be annoying) and so we used these tiny wine markers, that we made earlier this week. You can make them in 10 minutes (or less) using this tutorial.

Presto! your hanging decoration is ready!

christmas decoration

Things to remember:

  • Make sure the knot is tied exactly in the centre of the bangle or the hanging will be lopsided.
  • Adding bells is a good ideas if you prefer wind chimes.
  • Plan the height of the strings before you start attaching the bottles to the bangle.

ceiling hanging decoration

What do you think of this Christmas hanging decoration? Let me know in the comments below or through our social media links. Also, if you like, do share your handmade christmas decorations with us!  We would love to see them. Happy Holidays!