red wine glass with markerWine Glass Markers are what I like to call, a utility based DIY Paper Craft. In other words, they come in pretty handy when you need to organise things better. The fact that they are easy to make, is just a bonus. The idea behind these wine glass markers (in case, you haven’t come across them before) is to mark your drinks during parties or get togethers. So that, they don’t get mixed up with the other glasses. And since it’s the Holiday season, we though a Christmas set would be a nice addition for our next party. Here’s how you can make them too!

DIY wine glass marker

Budget: Low

Time taken: 10 minutes for 6


  • Tiny Clothes Pins
  • Glue
  • Holly Punch
  • Red stones / paper
  • Tweezers
  • Coloured paper

cutting wine marker


  1. In order to make this easy christmas wine glass marker, you first need to punch out 2 holly leaves from different coloured sheets. The more distinctive the colors, the better. As that way the wine markers are easier to differentiate.
  2. Next, paste the two holly leaves at slight angles and paste 3 stones on top of them. If stones aren’t available, you can use a single punch on red paper to make berry like cutouts.
  3. Paste the cutouts on the clothes pins and let it dry out.

And that’s it!  Useful christmas party wine glass marker that you can make in minutes.

christmas wine marker

Things to remember:

  • In case you’re concerned about the wine glass cracking (that was my first worry), test the pin to see if it’s very tight. If it’s a small one, it’s unlikely to create enough pressure on the glass that it would crack it.
  • If you want to personalise the markers further, you can add initials on the leaves with a pen.
  • Also, if the clothes pin is slightly bigger, you will be able to use them on all types of glasses.
  • Use a tweezer to place the cutouts and stones. It’ll make it much easier.

glass with wine marker

In case, you would like to order personalised wine markers, you can let us know here. On the other hand, if you want to explore and see more paper craft ideas, we’ve got them all here.

wine markers

green wine glass marker

What do you think of this idea? Something useful for the next time you have people over or not? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Holidays!