DIY Gift wrapping tutorialLess is more is definitely true for a lot of gift wrapping idea. Case and point, these colourful candy candles! We found the prettiest tea lights online (Thanks Amazon! :)) and decided to make sets of them to give as party favours. And as their colours were stunning, it seemed like a shame, to cover it up completely. So, why not highlight it instead? Read on to see three different kinds of candy wrapping ideas!

Candy Candle Wrapping

Time: 5 minutes per idea

Budget: Low


  • Coloured tea lights
  • Clear cellophane paper
  • Curling ribbon to match the tea lights
  • Regular tape

Homemade gift wrapping

For this first one, we went with a traditional candy design.

  1. Place six tea lights on top of the other and lay them flat on a piece of cellophane paper.
  2. Roll the paper over the tea light and tape in the middle.
  3. Hold the end together and tape it to keep the spread out shape at the end. Similarly, tape the other end.
  4. Match the curling ribbons to the colour of the tea lights and add to both sides of the packing.

Simple party favourFor the second candy candle, we stacked all the colours on top of each other and taped it flat on one end. With the other end being pulled to the middle and taped together to look like a cracker (that’s the closest similarity I could come up with. Or I’ve just got Diwali on my mind). For the finishing touch, we added curling ribbons in all of the colours.

Simple Gift Wrapping

And for the last candy candles, we shifted the ribbons to the middle of the packing. This one looks much smaller than the other two packing, as the paper has been taped flat on both sides. So, to give it some pizzazz, take all the matching ribbons and wrap them together, over your cellophane.

How to wrap round gifts

The keys to such kind of packing, is neatness and colour combinations. You want to have a theme going for the colours you choose. It could be contrasting, ombre or a random combination. But, it should have a pattern that brings the colours together.

On the other hand, there are a few simple things to know, for neat gift wrapping:

  • Use a minimum amount of tape. The more strips of tape you use, the less tidy a gift looks. Instead place a single small piece of tape horizontally over the line and that’s all you need.
  • To avoid raggedy edges, hold the spread out cellophane together and snip off the tip in one go, the remaining paper will have a straight edge.
  • Make sure your paper is not too large and is firm against the candles. If it’s loose, the candles can move and the wrapping will fall apart.

Candy wrapping for candles

Going to make candy candles soon? I know I’ll be packing some cute gifts this way! And, if you would like to see similar easy ideas for candles, click here for the details.