creative gift packaging tricksHappy Saturday! How has this week been for you? Mine has been very productive. So, I’m very happy about the weekend arriving. This whole week has been a whirlwind of preparation. As we are preparing a short range of Valentine’s Day products to be sold on the site, next week. But, that’s not what this post is about! Today, I want to talk about one of my favourite things to do – Gift Packaging. More specifically, 7 tricks that will help becoming a better gift wrapper overall.

tricks to know about creative gift packaging


Did you know that most paper and ribbons can be ironed easily? It’s a really useful way of reusing materials or smoothening out wrinkles in old materials. Just place the ribbon or paper between two layers of cloth and iron over it, at a low setting. The cloth protects the material from burning up, while allowing the ribbon / paper to straighten. This works for most papers and ribbons. Specially, satin ribbons and regular paper. However, it wouldn’t work for materials like crepe paper or cellophane.

Make Gift Packaging Creative with these tricks


Speaking of ribbons, this is probably the easiest way to decorate or wrap gifts. And, it comes in very handy, when I don’t have any fancy embellishments to use. Basically, I take 2-3 ribbons and layer them over each other. It instantly makes it look like, we’ve put in a lot of effort in the gift packaging. You can also make some easy bows, if its convenient. Here are some ideas, that you can try.

gift wrapping made better with packaging tricks


In case you don’t have any ribbon or any decorative embellishment, that’s awesome! Because, now you have the chance to experiment with almost any material. Some ideas of the top of my head are,

  • Use markers to draw the bow or any other pattern on the paper.
  • Use a music sheet, newspaper, notebook paper or brown paper to wrap the gift and write over it. I once saw someone wrap a gift in a calendar sheet and marking out their birthday day on it (How cute is that!)
  • Use leaves or small flowers, which you can tie up with a napkin or thread.
  • Spritz some perfume, so the gift smells appealing.

The possibilities are endless. Take the gift in the image above, for example. I didn’t have ribbon that day, so we cut up strips of colourful paper and pasted that over brown paper.

Improve Gift Packaging with these creative ideas


Wrapping round gifts used to be one of my least favourite things to do. I would do anything to avoid it. So, we worked out two easy solutions. First, instead of struggling with the object, place it in a box and then pack the box instead. Much easier and neater to do. Or you can use crepe paper and a clear sheet of cellophane. Here’s a tutorial on how you can do that.

The materials, embellishments and papers you can experiment with for creative gift packaging


Despite all the practice I get, I still mess up packing. Sometimes, I cut the paper too small or I drop something that stains the paper. It happens. However, you can still use the same packing. By strategically covering up the mistake. For instance, with the red packing above, the printed paper had been a little short on the back. So, we added the ribbon in the middle to cover up the gap. In fact, you can make the cover up the highlight of the packing. Like, we did with Warli cover ups some time back. You can read about that here.

creative packaging ideas for gifts


Believe me when I say this – don’t depend on regular tape. Regular tape doesn’t work for most paper varieties. It means, using a lot of strips of tape and making the back of the gift look untidy. Better alternates are, double sided tape, fabric glue (my favourite), glue drops and if you’re comfortable using one, a glue gun. Similarly, it’s always better to keep a cutter instead of scissors. They are less time consuming to use and cut straighter lines.

creative gift packaging ideas


Two people could use the same materials for the same packing on the same gift, and the end results would be different. One of them would look ordinary. While, the other will look attractive. And, that’s only because of finishing. Here, are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Measure and cut the paper to the size of the gift. If the paper is too big, it will poke out in places or create air bubbles in the packing.
  • This may be obvious, but make sure the gift is exactly in the centre of the paper.
  • Stick one end of the paper to the back of the gift, pull the paper firmly and then paste the other end of the paper. The idea is to stretch the paper as much as possible, without tearing and smoothening it over the gift.
  • Use a minimum of tape or glue. And, paste them in the same direction, on each side. Either keep them all vertical or all horizontal.
  • Use the same kind of fold on both ends of the gift. If the paper is being folded inwards on side. Then, the same should be replicated on the other. Specially for square or rectangle boxes.

And that’s it for today! Let me know if any of these ribbon gift wrap tricks are helpful to you, in the comments below or through the links mentioned here. If you would like to see more gift packaging tricks or similar articles, please let me know and I’ll share more information asap. Have a great day ahead! Bye!