Holi party ideasI was talking to my family about Holi Celebrations (It’s on March 23). And how we would describe the day to someone who didn’t know much about it. After going back and forth, we realised that you can easily sum it up in 3 words. Holi is fun! It is literally one of the happiest days of the year. Full of celebration, color and joy. Where people come together to celebrate the beginning of Spring with every imaginable colour. So, even though there are a couple of days to go, we decided to get a head start on our Holi party planning. And, we wanted to share our brainstorming session, so you can use the ideas to plan your Holi party too!

holi theme party ideas

When we plan any occasion or party, there are certain important aspects that have to be covered. And, we usually have a few ideas for each of these essentials. Needless to add, but it’s impractical to implement all of it. But, we like to share them anyway, so you have more options to pick from. Let’s get started!

Number of people: More the merrier! Holi Hai!

holi party invites

Usually, we dont make invites for a small Holi party. Because friends and relatives just land up on the day. But, if you’re planning something more organised, here are some ideas:

  • Use off-white paper as a base and watercolour the edges to represent coloured water.
  • Send a box with packets of colour and a handwritten note outside or inside the colours.
  • Prepare a plate of usual Holi snacks and send that with a colourful note.
  • Make paper pichkaris filled with nuts or colour (here’s something similar you can use as a reference)

Holi celebration party decor

This is where a Holi party can really shine! Let’s decorate:

  • Have colorful glass bowls / jars filled with colour lined up. These serve as colour for people to use and looks decorative.
  • Have paint splattered sheets on the tables or draped on the walls. (Here’s a tutorial by Brit + Co on how to make them)
  • Colourful Balloons or archways made with balloons. Or you can buy plain balloons and sprinkle colour over them.
  • Place mini paddle pools for kids.
  • Make colourful buntings for the tables and for the walls. (Oh Happy Day made this perfect bunting)
  • Dribble paint or paste colourful crepe paper around pots of plants.
  • Create a ceiling of colourful ribbons by stretching long strips of ribbons over the party area. These can stretch over the sides with wooden frames.
  • Make pinwheels to put up as displays or takeaways (here are some Holi themed ones)
  • Make a simple rangoli at the entrance.

holi food ideas

What kind of Holi party wouldn’t have food? Here are some things to note down:

  • Stick to finger food that people can pick up on the go. Sit down lunches
  • Keep napkins, hand sanitisers, soap handy for people to clean their hands before eating.
  • Pyramid of paper cups that can be used to fill up with beverages
  • Line up beverages in glass jars that show the color of the drinks.
  • Have platters for each type of food and place them at different heights on a singular table.
  • Make mini pichkari straws to put into the drinks
  • Mix up colourful paper plates with colorful plastic cups, napkins etc. This will add pops of colour to your food table.
  • Plan some colourful food options (this rainbow petal cake by The Cake Blog is a stunning idea)

holi party games

To be honest, you don’t really need to plan a lot of games for a Holi Party. Because the festival is like a game, in itself. But, you can always play:

  • A snowball or paintball fight with different teams, prepared water balloons and stashes of water guns / pichkaris.
  • Divide the guests in teams of two and ask them toss a colour filled balloon, to each other. The team that can toss it back and forth without dropping it the longest wins.
  • Do a lemon race with a water balloon.

holi celebration checklist

  • There are a lot of people who don’t like playing with colours due to skin concerns. For them you can make non toxic colours. A Beautiful Mess shared this tutorial on how to make some.
  • Another option is to have bowls of flowers petals that can be used instead of colours. They add a nice decorative element, as well.
  • Keep your pets away from the colour. They probably hate it.
  • The best Holi parties are messy. Really really messy. So, you want to use only things that can be disposed afterwards.
  • There is a lot of movement in a Holi party. That’s why, you need to keep most of the area clear for movement. Place any tables on the sides of the space and don’t place things in the middle of the party area.
  • Keep cream and oil available. For people to apply before playing with colours.

We could go on and on about this. There’s so much you can do with it. So, let us know if you would like to know more about implementing holi party ideas you have. Or if you would like for us elaborate on any point, we’ve mentioned. Tell us in comments below and we will do our best to share more information. Happy Holi! 🙂