Design a custom made crossword puzzle printableHappy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend and that means, you’re probably making your weekend plans! Some friends of ours are having a game night and they asked us to make them custom crossword puzzles, for all the people coming over. And we thought, maybe you would be interested in this too? (Tell me if I’m wrong in the comments below)

We’ve been making custom crossword puzzles for a while now. And we started for one reason alone – the designs for crossword puzzles online are a complete BORE! Sure, they generate a puzzle based on the information you feed in. But more often than not, the formatting is off or it looks kinda MEH. So, we decided to make them from scratch.

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Customised printable puzzle sets available on order. Themed and Personalised.

And as we were making them for ourselves, we thought, why not make them on order as well!

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Puzzle Structure

There are a couple of ways that we make these puzzles:

A. Themed Puzzle

For the themed ones, we usually request the customer to tell us the following details. They can choose to share as much as they like and we will fill in the rest.

  1. A theme that they really like
  2. If they have any clues that they would like to include
  3. Any question / clue structure
  4. Look / Colour of the puzzle

B.Personalised Puzzle

As the name suggests, personalised puzzles are custom made as per the requirements of the customer (like the one shown here). Please let us know,

  1. The names / details you would like in the answer key
  2. The clues that you would like per answer
  3. Any question / clue structure
  4. Look / Colour of the puzzle
  5. Any special detail such as a birthday or party (if needed)

If you’re not really sure of how to go about it, you can always let us know how much you’re sure off and we will walk you through the rest!

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How to order

To order these custom puzzles, all you need to do is email us the,

  • Puzzle Structure (details given above)
  • Number of copies (we can email it to you, so you can print as many as you like. Or, we can print and send them to you)
  • Delivery Date
  • Delivery Location

Customised crossword puzzles and designwork. Order online with The Craftables. Bespoke designs. Printable or complete sets

Custom Crossword Puzzles available on order. Themed and Personalised DIY printable puzzles.

Provide the clues and we will do the rest! Have a custom made crossword puzzle designed at The Craftables

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Would you like a custom crossword puzzle? What would you make it on? Let us know in the comments below 🙂