Order personalised doodled stationery | The CraftablesAs most of you may know, we make a variety of customised stationery – from notepads to planners to folders and much more. It’s a range of 25 products. Most of the times, we make or use a design according to the customer’s vision. So, you won’t see a hundred people with the same notebook as yours. Because the stationery was made to your specifications. Of all the design specifications we get, one of the most common requests are doodles. That’s why, we are breaking down customised doodled stationery today!

Customised Doodled Stationery for kids | The Craftables

With doodled stationery, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Theme:  We’ve made a lot of doodles and they’re all unique. Even in one category such as Summer – there is one doodle for the beach, one for picnics, one for heat and so on and so forth. So, it’s best to be as specific as possible with the theme.

Colours: As the doodles are personalised, you can choose the colours you like. Depending on theme, we would use shades of the colours suggested to put together a design.

Quantity: There’s a simple rule with customised stationery. The more quantity the better. That’s why doodled stationery makes for great return gifts. Check out the doggy doodle we made for this kit.

Products: Every doodle can be placed on every kind of stationery. So, it’s best to pick and choose which ones you would like to have made. Contact us for a full list of stationery items available.

References: If you have any design or style in mind (there’s a lot of ways the same elements can be made), send us photos or references of what you like 🙂

Customised Doodled Stationery Ideas | The Craftables

For the stationery set shown here, we were making sports themed doodled stationery for a little boys party. His Mom wanted something simple, without names to give as prizes for games. So, we made a few sets to gift. Similarly, the one below was a cute design we put together for a slumber party themed gift for little girls.

Customised stationery | Have doodled stationery designed | The Craftables

The timeline for such stationery is flexible. However, it’s best to contact us 1-2 weeks in advance. That way we have plenty of time to design something special and have it delivered in time. Having said this, if the project is intensive, such as this space themed UNO deck, it’s best to give us 3 weeks.

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Do you like doodled stationery? What kind of design would you like to have made? Leave me a message down below. Now, I’m off to have some pizza, that last notepad made me think of it 😛