Handpicked personalised custom taboo gameYou guys! This was so much fun to make! You can probably tell by the number of exclamation marks I’ve already used! AAHHHH!! I’ve been wanting to make a customised Taboo for such a long time. So, when this order request came in – I was super excited. It’s a very personalised version of an age old game, that most of us have played. Except this one has categories and topics you wouldn’t find in the normal version. What does that mean, exactly? Read on, to find out!

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The Game

For those of you, that are unfamiliar with Taboo. This is a card based game usually played with four players or more. Players are split in pairs and have to take turns holding up cards. A player will hold up one card and their partner will have to describe the word shown in the topmost section of the card. Here’s the catch – the partner can not use the words mentioned in the bottom half of the card. The challenge is to get as many cards as possible. And the team with the most cards, wins!

The fun part is that the words used to describe the answer cover all the typical things, you would say to describe it. So, you need to think fast!

Naughty at Forty Taboo Game

The Theme

The answers are from a variety of categories. For this version, we used 6 categories – Food, Celebrities, Adult humour, Travel, Products and Brands, as per the request of the client.

The artwork was bright and fun. But adult at the same time. As the target audience was women in their forties, who are well to do, have travelled a lot and enjoy great food.

Game Night Ideas Custom Taboo

The Finished Product

You can’t see it here – but this game, along with 2-3 others, was packed in customised boxes and sent as a Birthday Games Kit (tell us, if you would like to know more about that in the comments below). So, when the kit was opened, all the games were in one place and the guests could play it one go.

These cards are made with paper, but have the slickness of UNO cards. We don’t like to work with plastic, as people can cut their hands from sharp edges. However, the paper quality is thick and durable, so you can keep and play the set again and again and again.

Naughty Forty Custom Taboo Game Idea

To Order

Does this sound interesting to you? Is it something you would like to have or to give to someone else? We would love to make more of these! So, if you would like to place an order for a customised taboo, click the button below and send us a message. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours with the costing, options etc.

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Personalised Taboo Game Idea Gift for adults

How do you like this customised taboo? Sound like fun, doesn’t it! What categories would you want for this game? Let us know in the comments below!