customized yearly plannerEveryone has their own way of organising their days, weeks, months and lives. For me, one planning habit has been to write out my plan for the day, every morning. From completely mundane tasks like buying vegetables to important meetings to calls I need to make, everything is noted and timed out. Which is a lot to write down. So, it’s a no brainer that I have a yearly planner where I note all this. It’s also normal for my planner to run out of space. Which is why, I usually spend days, hunting for the perfect one. However, this year we decided to skip that entire process and designed a yearly planner instead. That way, I get exactly what I need without spending hours shopping.

Now, I don’t actually have a tutorial on how we made a customised yearly planner (aka the fattest organiser ever). So, an obvious question is why I’m sharing this article. And, to that my answer is –

We want to design planners and stationery for you!

That means, yearly planner completely customized with the design you like. Instead, of ones that you usually get in the market and may / may not be satisfied with. Let me clarify this some more!

planner notes

Q. What do you mean by customized?

When we say customized, we’re talking about designing everything in the yearly planner. Based on what you would like. From the pages to the design to the kind / number of sections and more. For example, I need a lot of space to write out my daily plans. So, we made one page per day of the year. Instead, of the usual 2-3 days per page. Another customization, was the birthdays and anniversaries – where we picked up the dates from my Facebook profile and added it to calendar pages.

Q. What does this yearly planner cover?

For this one, we made pages for: 

  • Personal Information
  • Important Contacts
  • Birthdays / Anniversaries / Festivals per month
  • Individual pages to write on, for each day of the year
  • Zodiacs & Astrology
  • Notes
  • Birthstones / Special Occasions

planner dates

Q. How can I get this?

If you would like to place an order for a customised planner, you can fill up this form. Or, you can email us on Let us know, what you have in mind and we can work it out.

Q. How expensive are such customized planners and how much time would it take?

The costs vary depending on the amount of customization and the delivery charges. This planner, was INR 2000 without delivery. But, this was heavily customized. It takes 2-3 days to design and print the whole planner. The delivery depends on your location.

yearly planner cover

Q. Will my planner also be so fat? This doesn’t look portable.

It doesn’t have to be this thick, at all. This one is fatter than the average yearly planner as we wanted a smaller size for the pages. We can customize it to be as sleek as you need it.

Q. Why isn’t this a tutorial, like your other posts?

There are two reasons for this. One, we usually do such design work on Photoshop or Illustrator. And, don’t really share such content on the site. Because, we’re not experts in it and won’t be able to help as much as possible. The day we feel confident, we will definitely start sharing full tutorials on it!

The second reason is..drumroll please..We want to start an online shop. There. It’s out there in the universe! Basically, early next year we are planning on launching an online shop where you can buy all kinds of customized goodies. We’re talking about DIY kits, handmade gifts, Decor items, Occasion based pieces etc (you’ll see more on this). And, of course stationery and papercrafts.

yearly planner custom made

Q. But the shop hasn’t launched yet. What about now?

Till such time that the shop launches, you can always contact us for orders, for consults or just to say hi. The links are available above.

Hope this helps 🙂 We look forward to hearing from you.

PS: if I’ve missed out on anything or you have any other questions do let us know, in the comments.