DIY Diwali Dry Fruit Crackers for gifting! Diwali is less than a week away! So, it’s crunch time for everyone who hasn’t started preparing yet. There are so many last minute things to look after – preparing for the puja, gifts, decoration, firecrackers, house cleaning and so much more. No matter how much you’ve planned ahead, there’s always something that gets left behind. For us, it was the dry fruits (mewa) that has to be sent with our gifts. Somehow, it slipped out of our minds completely and that’s what lead to these Last Minute Dry Fruit Crackers. Here’s how to make them.

Budget: Medium

Time Taken: 15 minutes per cracker



DIY Diwali Dry Fruit Crackers for gifting!

  1. Cut a piece of thick plastic (30 x 24 cms), cellophane (34 x 12 cms) and shimmery paper (12 x 14 cms)
  2. Roll up the thick plastic. You should have two layers of plastic overlapping each other.
  3. Cut a circle of diameter 8cm and draw another circle in it’s centre with a diameter of 4 cm.
  4. Fold the circle in half thrice. You’ll get 8 sections this way. Make small cuts over these lines till the second circle, inside.
  5. Stick very small strips of tape on each section.
  6. Holding the tube over the circle, paste all the sections upwards. If it’s a little bumpy or any of the sections stick out, then paste a long strip of tape (pressing them down) around the tube.

DIY Diwali Dry Fruit Crackers for gifting!

7. Tape the shimmery paper, over one end of the cracker.

8. Fill up the cracker with whatever you like – dry fruits, candy, chocolate etc.

9. Roll the cracker in, one layer of cellophane and tape it at the top.

DIY Diwali Dry Fruit Crackers for gifting!

10. Once the base of the cracker is ready, add a lot of thin strips of curling ribbon, over the tape. We used 2 contrasting colours, with a gold one, to add some shine. Cut the cellophane, if it’s too long.

DIY Diwali Dry Fruit Crackers for gifting!

11. Curl the ribbon in parts, making some strands long and some short. You can dress the cracker up, a lot more at this stage with cutouts or glitter or ribbons.

DIY Diwali Dry Fruit Crackers for gifting!

Things to Remember:

  • For neatness points, make sure the tape for each layer is in line i.e overlaps.
  • Tape is your best option for an adhesive, as it sticks well and is convenient when unpacking.
  • Don’t be too worried about how messy the tape looks on the tube. The shimmery paper will cover it up. If you like, you can make one for the top of the cracker too.

DIY Diwali Dry Fruit Crackers for gifting!

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