QUIRKY MESSAGES FOR YOUR VALENTINE!How do you make something personal & cute, but not mushy & overly commercial? This Valentine’s day we got back to the basics with a sweet, but un-boring way. Basically upping the ante on the notes you give.

What we did was we added multiple notes, put an overall theme, gave it together to have an impact and didn’t take random quotes taken from the internet (the temptation is strong. Especially if you’re working on it really late in the day)

Time: 2 – 3 hours

Budget: Low


  1. 14 messages, that you’ve written & put some thought into!
  2. 14 colourful envelopes, handmade or store bought
  3. A sheet/bulletin board to pin the envelopes on
  4. Post its
  5. Black markers
  6. Scale/ruler
  7. Glue

14 things about you messagesSteps:

  1. Write out the messages. Add personal touches to them, because these will probably be saved for later. We added simple drawings to make them more appealing.
  2. Fold the envelopes out.
  3. Insert the messages into the envelopes.
  4. Place the envelopes on your sheet and mark the places. I recommend doing this before sticking, as without the same, untidiness or lack of color coordination is inevitable.
  5. Write your headline on the post its. The one in the pictures is: 14 Reasons Why You Are Adorable!
  6. Place the post its on the sheet.
  7. Paste the envelopes in their spots.
  8. Add borders and details with the markers.
  9. Put it somewhere accessible and you’re done!

steps for 14 things about you

In case, it’s inconvenient to put envelopes, another way is to put the messages on post its. And it will take literally minutes to finish. We think it’s a pretty cute DIY idea.

post it messages

So, try this out on Valentine’s Day. Or any other day, when you want to show someone, that you know them and love them for who they are. What do you think?