finished cut outs containerI’m not so convinced about calling a container a pen stand. Mostly, because there are so many alternate uses to it. And more importantly, I feel the look of a container determines it’s purpose. The one here, is colourful & bright, and would look best for a child’s desk for his/her art supplies.ย Here’s how to make this container.

Time: about 45 minutes

Budget: Low


  • Paper (multiple colors)
  • Thread (multiple colors)
  • Scissors
  • Crafts knife/ cutter
  • Glue


cut outs pen stand steps

Stuff to keep in mind, when making these holders,

  1. Measure the panel you make for the holder, so that it fits properly.
  2. Get creative with the cutouts and the thread you use on the base.
  3. Plan the colours beforehand.
  4. In case ย thread is unavailable, painting the base & then adding paper is always an option.
  5. Donโ€™t use anything too thick on the base, or the paper will make lumps.
  6. If when you wrap the thread, you like it, leave it like that. Threaded containers look quite nice on their own.
  7. While making this container, you can also stop at the midway stage (where only the thread had been done). This is the stage where you can choose to add thread on the full container and it will look quite nice.


We tried a new way of writing the post here, let us know if you prefer the pictures with the write ups in the images or not. Also, let us know what variations would you do with this DIY, and for what purpose in the comments below!