colorblock DIY candle holdersAfter a week long break from blogging, I’ve been charged up to get back to work. But, it feels like I’ve forgotten how to do stuff – because I made a ton of silly mistakes with this simple DIY.  It was so frustrating, that I almost decided to ditch the idea altogether. And then I thought about sharing the not so perfect side to crafting new ideas and talking about the things that go wrong. Tell me what you think of this idea and these DIY candle holders!

Time taken: Depends on the size of the holders you’re using. Mine took 15 minutes to paint and 3 hours to dry.


  • Glass candle holders / bowls
  • Old nail polishes
  • Magic Tape

DIY colorblock candle holders tutorial


Start by deciding a rough design and pasting magic tape at angles. You want to paste two lines of tape on either side of the portion you would like to paint.

The mistake I made here was that the tape wasn’t pressed completely against the glass. Which allowed the polish to seep through and spread. So, you want to make sure the tape is pressed to the glass without any bumps showing.

handmade DIY candle votives

The next stage is painting in the marked out portion with nail polish. Here, the trick is to not brush the nail polish, but to add droplets of polish close to each other. Allow the polish to dry out for 30 minutes, before starting the next colour.

Here, you need to be careful of 2 things:

  1. Don’t let any of the polish smear onto the rest of the glass – it’s a pain to clean up.
  2. Complete one color of paint in one go. If you take breaks between the droplets, the outlines between the droplets will start showing, as the first few drops have dried out by the time, the rest are added.

Tutorial dor DIY candle holders

Leaving the tape from the first colour on, add more lines of tape to the remaining portion of the glass. Similarly paint in the other color of nail polish.

The mistake I made at this stage was, I put tape over the dry layer. What I didn’t realise is that the paint would peel off when I took the tape off. So, make sure that none of the tape goes over a painted area.

nail polish candle holders

Let the candle holder dry for a couple of hours and then carefully peel off the tape. This is the stage where the last error can occur – you don’t want to peel it off, unless the polish has dried completely. Or, it will come off as a sticky mess.

And, that’s the end of my blooper reel aka the color block candle holders we made using old nail polish.

How to make candle holders with nail polish color block candle votives

Let me know what you think of our DIY candle holders with nail polish in the comments below and wish me luck for upcoming projects!