diy chalkboard tagsI know I just did a post on chalkboard door hangers, but I love making chalkboards so much! There’s a weird sense of accomplishment that I feel whenever the board works properly. So, I’ve been making a whole bunch of DIYs using chalkboard spray. And one of the projects that I made recently, is DIY chalkboard tags.

These were made specifically for sale. The customer wanted something decorative and innovative for a set of gifts that she was giving. But, she wanted it to be a fun thing that could be a takeaway for her guests, as well. That lead to a whole chain of thought, before we decided to go ahead with chalkboard tags. And while we made her set, we decided to go ahead and make some for ourselves. Let’s see how the chalkboard tags are made!

chalkboard tag craft

Budget: Low

Time taken: 20 minutes


  • Blank Tags
  • Thick Ribbon
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Pencil
  • Thin brushes
  • Chalk Sticks
  • Chalkboard spray

Homemade gift tags

Prepwork:  It’s a good idea to prepare the chalkboard in advance. Because it takes 24 hours to dry.

  • Spray the tags with 2 layers of chalkboard paint spray, keeping an hour long gap between the two layers of spraying. Let them dry for 24 hours.
  • Cover your mouth and nose while spraying the chalk paint. It can give you a massive headache.
  • Place the mat on a newspaper / disposable sheet before spraying.
  • Keep the spray close to the surface and spray on thick layers, without leaving any gaps.

I would suggest making a bunch of tags in one go. We made twelve in a row and it saved a lot of time and effort. Moreover, if we messed up any of them, we had enough tags to make up for it.

flower chalkboard tag


  1. Once your tags have dried, carefully paint the rim and the back of the tags. You want to paint the rim first and the back second, while making sure the paint doesn’t spread onto the chalkboard part. Let the paint dry completely.
  2. Draw out a simple design on the corners of your tag. The one I made was very basic, small flowers and leaves with gaps in between. It doesn’t have to be perfect, so have fun with what you like 🙂
  3. Using thick acrylic paint, carefully paint in the flowers and leaves, You want to add blobs of paint close to each other instead of adding painting strokes. Kind of like icing a cake. This is important, as the black will shine through, if the paint isn’t thick. I like to do the petals first, then the leaves and other details.

This design had block colours. But, you can easily mix other colours and add more details. Let the paint dry completely. You’ll notice that the paint settles down and flattens after it has dried.

gift tag

4. Sprinkle a little chalk powder (I just crushed a chalk stick) and rub it onto the remaining portion of the tag. This is important because writing on a fresh chalkboard can scratch it. So, by rubbing some powder, you’re adding a layer in between.

To finish add a few ribbons and tie it on your gift!

easy blackboard crafts

gifts with tags

Handmade chalkboard gift tagsHow do you like these DIY chalkboard tags? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if there are any other chalkboard DIY craft you would like to see (seriously, I’m a little bit obsessed with them) then let me know through any of the media links and I’ll do my best to make it happen!