How to make color block hot platesFor the last couple of DIYs, I feel like I’ve been overdosing on bold colours. Not that I’m complaining, but when you make 3 ombre tutorials in a week, you know you have a problem. So, to reset my brain, I decided to do away with bright colours for these hot plates. And I, for one, think it works really well! Mostly cos, minimal designs go with everything. I could place them with any colour and it’ll work! Scroll on to see how they’re made.

Time taken: 15 minutes

Budget: Depends on how expensive the hot plates are. Apart from that, it’s quite cheap.


  • Wooden hot plates
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • black acrylic paint
  • Medium sized flat paint brush
  • Varnish

steps to make a color block hot plate

Start by taking your scale and making sections for each colour. I wanted to make multiple plates, so I kept the design, simple to replicate by making 3 sections. One for gold, one for black and one for the wood to show through.

If your hot plate has indents like mine, remember to draw accurate lines inside the indents, as well. This is really helpful when you paint.

diy tutorial for making hot plates

Next, paint a thick coat of gold paint, in the marked out section. Make sure to cover all the edges well, so that the wood doesn’t shine through. I painted two coats, because one was looking a bit patchy.

While painting, if your brush over the sides, thats fine. As you can cover the rim completely, to match the top of the hot plate.

Tip: While the paint is drying, use a dry brush to spread out any lumps of paint into the edges. It’ll give the plate a lot of finish.

crafts color block DIY hot plates

Similarly, paint the second colour in the remaining section to complete the mat. If you’re nervous about smudging the paint, I would recommend:

  • Using a thinner brush and painting using the markings made earlier.
  • Pasting a line of magic tape (covering the indents as well) and painting against that (See more on that here).

Let the hot plate dry out completely.

Quick Craft idea for home diy hot plates

For the last step, lightly spray the mat with a layer of varnish. When you’re doing this, make sure to cover your mouth and nose (It can give you the worst headache. Trust me. I’ve been there and it’s not fun) and spray in an open space.

The varnish will help protect the paint from the heat of anything placed on the mat. It’ll also hold the paint better, for when you wash the mat.

DIY Hot plates tutorial

handmade hot plates

And that’s it! A pretty set of DIY Color Block Hot Plates for your table! Let me know how you like this tutorial in the comments below.