DIY Crafts With Clothespins I’m one of those people whose obsessed with making lists and organising all my papers. Cluttered papers equal a completely cluttered mind. So, I wanted to share some DIY crafts with clothespins that I use for my office desk. It’s a convenient way of segregating all the information pilling up and reduces the amount of time I spend cleaning my desk, by about half. So, i’d say that’s a a pretty good hack.

DIY Clothes Pin Organisation

Today, we’re sharing two sets of clothespin craft ideas. One for the entire week and one based on how important the document is. I find that the weekly ones, are good to plan your week and help compartmentalise all that you need to accomplish in the coming few days. While, the importance one is a quicker fix, which helps you organise the paper quickly and prioritise your work on a daily basis. Here’s how this clothespins craft is done!


Let’s start with the black pins! For this DIY, you’re going to need 5 – 7 wooden clothespins, black paint, individual letter stamps and a metallic stamp pad.

  1. Start by painting your clothespins in a block colour and letting them dry. A convenient trick is to place them around the rim on a bowl while painting, so you can paint both sides at the same time.
  2. Plan out what you would like to write. We stamped on, Scan, Junk, ASAP, File and Pay. However, you can add words as per choice.
  3. Place your clothespin straight. The word will be stamped on the right side of each pin i.e where you hold the pin from.
  4. Start stamping from the last letter of your word. For example, if you’re writing ASAP – start with the P at the end of your clothespin, then A, then S and finally A. Don’t worry too much about the placement, as you can make a haphazard pattern like this one.
  5. Similarly, complete all the other pins

desk organistaion crafts

Things to remember for the priority pins:

  • Use wooden clothespins, the others can leave marks on your papers.
  • Let the ink dry out completely, or it will smudge off.
  • Try to keep the letters to a minimum, as it makes placement easier.

Clothespins crafts ideas

For the next set of organisational diy clothespins crafts, you’re going to need black paper, 6 shades of paint, 6 clothespins, glue and an alphabet punch.

  1. Paint all the pins in a different colour. These helps make the papers more distinctive as well.
  2. Punch alphabets on the black paper and make combinations for each day of the week. You can make either the full word, a single letter or three letters.
  3. As with the black pins, the letters are going to be placed on the hands end of the pins. Place the pins in the order of the colours, you like.
  4. Apply a little glue on the end of the pin and going backward, paste the letters onto the pin. For instance, if you’re pasting SAT for Saturday, T first, then A and then S.
  5. Similarly, make the pins for all the working days of the week.

Weekly organisation hack

Things to remember for the weekly pins:

  • It’s better to use a clear glue as it dries off and doesn’t leave a stain on the wood. That way, you can nudge the letters into a straight line before the glue dries up completely.
  • If you cant find this exact punch, you can use wooden letters that are pasted on as well. They are a great way, to make unique markers.

Colourful weekly organisation tutorial easy

How to make clothes pin organisers

craft ideas with clothespins And that’s it folks! An easy hack to declutter your desk using DIY crafts with clothespins! Comment below and let us know what hacks you use to organise your desk and what set of pins you would most like to make!